Enforcing Inequality: The Long Shadow of Government-Subsidized Housing Segregation 

few hard truths that should be more widely known: While African American families today have roughly 60% of white family income (shocking enough), Black families have just 10% of the wealth that … [Read More...]

Don’t Let This Probation Department Overhaul Proposal Sit on the Shelf

A report on the Los Angeles County Probation Department that comes before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday makes many astute observations, but one in particular stands out: So many reports, … [Read More...]

Computerized Criminal Behavior Predictions Are No More Effective Than Untrained Humans

Without effective scrutiny, algorithm-based software could hurt those who are already the most vulnerable. The effectiveness of the criminal justice system has been debated since its creation. There … [Read More...]

America’s Real Digital Divide

A group of former Facebook and Google employees last week began a campaign to change the tech companies they had a hand in creating. The initiative, called Truth About Tech, aims to push these … [Read More...]

The Cost of Being ‘Savage’ in a Supposedly Civilized World

This country is rich with awful things to say about everybody. There’s a slur for you and a slur for me — more than one. And because we’re terrified of dealing with them head on, we’ve made them just … [Read More...]

The Shame Is Not Ours: Black America, Poverty and the War on Drugs

The so-called war on drugs was created to target black, brown, poor and working-class communities, those communities that have borne the brunt of institutionalized, systemic, white supremacist … [Read More...]

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