Preaching Jubilee

Preaching Jubilee to the Captives

Resource Materials for Preachers on Topics Related to Mass Incarceration Foreword he title we have given to these materials is meant to trip readers up ever so slightly. The premise most preachers take for granted is that they will preach about the evil of mass incarceration to their congregation, and it goes without saying that in […]

Inmate Class Action Suit

California Inmates Win Class-Action Status Over Race-Based Treatment

federal judge in Sacramento on Wednesday awarded class-action status to California prison inmates who allege that their rights are violated by what they say are widespread instances of race-based punishment. Prison officials acknowledge they respond to outbreaks of violence by ordering sanctions, including sweeping lockdowns, that can last for months. They say every inmate is […]

California Death Penalty Ending

California’s Death Penalty Dying of Old Age

uring the last four decades, no California political issue has burned more intensely than capital punishment, but it may have ended with a whimper, rather than with a bang, last week. Federal Judge Cormac Carney ruled that the death penalty is unconstitutional because it’s rarely used – thanks largely to ceaseless legal challenges from its […]

Civilian Oversight

A Call to Bear Witness on August 5: Civilian Oversight

es, there will be a new LA County Sheriff in January. But an election by itself will not ensure that this vast Department—a small army, with 18,000 officers and the country’s largest jail system under its control—will finally change its ways and treat all residents and all inmates with respect and dignity. LASD’s dismal history […]


Civilian Oversight: Pack the LA County Board of Supervisors August 5th — New Date