evidence based sentencing

Sentencing, by the Numbers

n a recent letter to the United States Sentencing Commission, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. sharply criticized the growing trend of evidence-based sentencing, in which courts use data-driven predictions of defendants’ future crime risk to shape sentences. Mr. Holder is swimming against a powerful current. At least 20 states have implemented this practice, including […]

Police Black Men

Why Are Police Bothering So Many Young Black Men in the First Place?

ave to hand it to Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul. On Thursday, in an essay for Time magazine, he nailed one of the major problems with the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and the unconscionably militarized police response: “If I had been told to get out of the street as a teenager, there would […]

Police Shootings

Ferguson and LA: Two Police Shootings, One Common Thread

here may be a world of difference between the shooting Saturday of an unarmed man by police in Ferguson, Mo., and the LAPD shooting Monday of an unarmed and apparently mentally ill man in South Los Angeles — or there may not be — but the incidents are bound by a common thread that runs […]

broken windows

The “Broken Windows” Fraud

#452538746 / gettyimages.com hen a government policy victimizes low-income African Americans or Latinos, it continues despite a lack of success. We see this in the ongoing drug war and in the media’s renewed efforts to legitimize the statistically discredited “broken windows” anti-crime strategy. Broken windows policing is back in the news after a New York […]

neither do I condemn you

Preaching Jubilee to the Captives: Week 4

  Resource Materials for Preachers on Topics Related to Mass Incarceration Foreword he title we have given to these materials is meant to trip readers up ever so slightly. The premise most preachers take for granted is that they will preach about the evil of mass incarceration to their congregation, and it goes without saying that […]