Revising Punishment

From the Bench, a New Look at Punishment

 Jessica Otero’s request to the judge, made in neat handwriting, was simple: She wanted a second chance. Ten years after she was convicted of driving an illegal immigrant across the border, her felony … [Read More...]

Smaller Jail

A Smaller, Better L.A. County Jail?

A majority of the Board of Supervisors wants a smaller jail. Numerous reform advocates and thinkers want a smaller jail. The Times wants a smaller jail — because for too many years the county has … [Read More...]

Theft by Cop

Voters Agree: It’s Time to End “Theft by Cop”

Imagine you’re on your way to buy a used car and a police officer pulls you over. After asking you a few questions, the officer asks to search your car. Knowing you’ve done nothing wrong, you agree. … [Read More...]

Youth Solitary Confinement

The Damage of Youth Solitary Confinement in California

East Bay advocates want juvenile jails to stop isolating inmates — but correction officials continue to argue that the questionable tactic is essential to control "dangerous" kids. n 1995, when he … [Read More...]

Inmate Firefighters

Hanging Out With the Prisoners Who Fight California’s Wildfires

On the main road through Lower Lake, a town of 1,294 people in the heart of Northern California's Lake County, spray-painted signs reading, "THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS!" hang from fences and windows. Over … [Read More...]

Community Policing

How Seattle Bridged the Community-Police Divide

Having a voice in police policy-making has been a major demand of community groups since the 1960s. But various reforms have provided only a very limited voice at best, or have been largely window … [Read More...]

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