Which Way America?

Violence, dislocation, criminalization, mass detention and incarceration, reduction of decency, and the mistreatment of women and children or any person should be seen as acts against humanity. Such … [Read More...]

Prison Dehumanizes Incarcerated: Prison Project Brings Them Back

In the last 35 years, California has built approximately 22 new prisons, and the state has one of the highest recidivism rates in the country. The US's prison industrial complex has been called … [Read More...]

Time to Refocus the Punishment Paradigm

Any parent can tell you that timeouts, groundings, and other punishments only go so far in encouraging good behavior. If kids are scolded over and over again, the reprimands can lose their effect: … [Read More...]

Formerly Incarcerated Struggle to Find Work: Is L.A. County Willing to Help?

“I tried to assimilate. And I couldn’t:' Ex-cons struggle to re-enter the workplace. Now L.A. County trying to help When Lily Gonzalez was released from Valley State Prison in Chowchilla in 2012, all … [Read More...]

Mass Incarceration: Prisoners of Time

Despite the enactment of justice reforms in many states, the nation’s prison and jail population has dropped only slightly in recent years. Well over two million people remain behind bars, and there … [Read More...]

The Essential Role of Medicaid and Criminal Justice

This past month America’s first mental health court celebrated its 20th anniversary. The behind the scenes story, which led to the creation of Broward’s Mental Health Court, is a case-study of the … [Read More...]

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