Reduce School Arrest Rate

Los Angeles to Reduce Arrest Rate in Schools

fter years of arresting students for on-campus fights and damaging school property, Los Angeles school officials are adopting new policies to reduce the number of students who are disciplined in the juvenile court system. Under new policies expected to be introduced Tuesday, students who deface school property, participate in an on-campus fights or are caught […]

Our Criminal Justice Crisis

Michael Brown and Our Criminal Justice Crisis

ednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder went to Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of protests and unrest following the police shooting death of an unarmed 18-year-old named Michael Brown – who witnesses say was shot while surrendering with his hands in the air. Calm is returning to Ferguson. But painful questions remain about the investigations into […]

uniform crime report

Unarmed and Unaware

he Internet has made it possible for people with few resources to gain access to information that was beyond their reach less than 20 years ago. Thanks to keywords and search engine technology, it’s no longer necessary to have the wealth of the 1% or work for a Fortune 500 company to tap into a veritable […]


As Arrest Records Rise, Americans Find Consequences Can Last a Lifetime

merica has a rap sheet. Over the past 20 years, authorities have made more than a quarter of a billion arrests, the Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates. As a result, the FBI currently has 77.7 million individuals on file in its master criminal database—or nearly one out of every three American adults. Between 10,000 and […]


Preaching Jubilee to the Captives: Week 5

Resource Materials for Preachers on Topics Related to Mass Incarceration Foreword he title we have given to these materials is meant to trip readers up ever so slightly. The premise most preachers take for granted is that they will preach about the evil of mass incarceration to their congregation, and it goes without saying that in […]