We Are Not the Terrorists: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Speaks Out About Attacks on Movement

Extended web-only interview with Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors and journalist asha bandele about their new book, When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter … [Read More...]

The Gender Divide: Tracking Women’s State Prison Growth

The story of women’s prison growth has been obscured by overly broad discussions of the “total” prison population for too long. This report sheds more light on women in the era of mass incarceration … [Read More...]

For Survivors of Prison Rape, Saying ‘Me Too’ Isn’t an Option

Rodney Smith said the two men who cornered him on his first day in a Louisiana jail a decade ago were big. At age 23, he had been arrested for check fraud earlier that day. He recalled them towering … [Read More...]

Falling Black Imprisonment Rates: Four Theories

One of the most damning features of the U.S. criminal justice system is its vast racial inequity. Black people in this country are imprisoned at more than five times the rate of whites; one in 10 … [Read More...]

Community Organizing at Macedonia Baptist Church: Thursday, January 25th

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity through its Justice Not Jails program will conduct a training session on community organizing in Watts on Thursday, January 25th, at 7:00 PM.  The training … [Read More...]

Christians of Color Are Rejecting “Colonial Christianity” and Reclaiming Ancestral Spiritualities

This is how quickly it happened. One moment we were passing sumptuous kebob platters around the table making polite introductions, and the next we were swapping trauma stories that we—all people of … [Read More...]

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