16 Bullets: Why Laquan McDonald’s Life Will Always Matter

Laquan McDonald was a human being. But in the video footage of his murder, Officer Jason Van Dyke treated Laquan as less than human–an object–and used the 17-year-old for target practice. The … [Read More...]

California’s Prop. 47 Revolution: How to Spend the Savings

Thousands of felony cases that would have been prosecuted by the office of Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey became misdemeanors late last year because of Proposition 47. Lacey's caseload … [Read More...]

Cut Sentences for Low-Level Drug Crimes

Now that Congress is within sight of passing the most significant federal sentencing reforms in a generation, it’s worth taking a closer look at where the legislation falls short. The main driver of … [Read More...]

Rare White House Accord With Koch Brothers on Sentencing Frays

For more than a year, a rare coalition of liberal groups and libertarian-minded conservatives has joined the Obama administration in pushing for the most significant liberalization of America’s … [Read More...]

When Policing Goes Wrong

Since 1994, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has investigated and reached settlements with more than 20 state and local police agencies. Much controversy surrounds these so-called “consent decrees,” … [Read More...]

Misdirected Juvenile Justice Consensus Creates Backwards Policy

California has experienced a huge decrease in juvenile crime. Over the last 35 years,arrests of youth ages 15-17 fell from 195,300 to 64,500, arrests of ages 12-14 fell from 77,500 to 21,200, and … [Read More...]

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