Antelope Valley Doesn’t Need to Lock Up the Whole Family

Los Angeles County got its application approved by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) 2016, to spend about $100 million to refurnish the Mira Loma Detention Center and … [Read More...]

A Post-Dallas Challenge for Religious Progressives

Staying On Message about Structural Racism The easily-predicted meme of the moment coming from law enforcement officials and their many political allies is a threefold rebuke to the entire criminal … [Read More...]

A History of White Delusion

In 1962, 85 percent of white Americans told Gallup that black children had as good a chance as white kids of getting a good education. The next year, in another Gallup survey, almost half of whites … [Read More...]

Why Blacks Lives Also Matter Outside the Criminal Justice System

I’ve been working at a small non-profit in the middle of South Los Angeles since 2008, exclusively representing people with criminal records, mostly black and brown folks. In 2010, I started … [Read More...]

Police Try to Lower Racial Bias, but Under Pressure, It Isn’t So Easy

The recent string of racially charged police shootings, and the deadly response on Thursday in Dallas, have come despite efforts by police departments across the United States to train officers to … [Read More...]

Obama Says Black Lives Matter. But He Doesn’t Ensure They Do

Just days after several violent, deadly attacks on black people at the hands of the police, ABC invited families, organizers, officers and more to join Barack Obama in a town hall to discuss race … [Read More...]

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