Ending the Jail-to-Street-to-Jail Cycle

George Washington (not the famous one) first ended up in a New York homeless shelter in the mid-1980s, after he came home from prison for robbery and crack cocaine hit the streets. Since then, he’s … [Read More...]

Race, Incarceration, and Women’s HIV Rates

Over 7,000 women in the United States received a new HIV diagnosis in 2015, and over 60% of those women were Black, despite the fact that Black people represent just 12% of the overall U.S. … [Read More...]

The Making of a California Prison Town

‘If you don’t want us, tell us to go back’ Of all the details Abdul Khan remembers of his flight from his home country, Ghana, perhaps the clearest is the glint of light on the machetes. He was 25 … [Read More...]

The Justice Dilemma: When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease

Harm to a patient caused by treatment rather than disease is called “iatrogenic”—coming from the healer. Some iatrogenic harm is caused by medical error—surgery on the wrong patient or at the wrong … [Read More...]

5 Years, or 20? How Sessions’ Get-Tough Order Would Extend Prison Stays

The federal courts in San Diego are full of cases like this: a 22-year-old man caught driving a car loaded with 33 kilograms of hidden methamphetamine — worth hundreds of thousands of dollars — across … [Read More...]

Sex and Homeland Security

John Kelly, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), sometimes responds to questions about stricter immigration enforcement on the southern U.S. border by suggesting it will deter women … [Read More...]

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