Civilian Oversight Debate

Next Year’s LA County Budget Proposal: Improve Jails, Child Welfare

os Angeles County's Chief Executive Office has released a proposed spending plan for the coming fiscal year and priorities include reforms in the county jails, beefing up front line staff to protect … [Read More...]


Black Lives Matter Cofounder Patrisse Cullors Talks with Justice Not Jails

Black Lives Matter Cofounder Patrisse Cullors atrisse Cullors -- founding member of Black Lives Matter, leader of Coalition to End Sheriff Violence in Los Angeles, sparkplug for Dignity & Power … [Read More...]

Medical Marijuana Conflicts

Legal Conflicts on Medical Marijuana Ensnare Hundreds as Courts Debate a New Provision

harles C. Lynch seemed to be doing everything right when he opened a medical marijuana dispensary in the tidy coastal town of Morro Bay, Calif. The mayor, the city attorney and leaders of the local … [Read More...]

Walter Scott Killing

Video of Walter Scott Killing But a Glimpse of Police Misconduct

generation ago, when someone complained of police misconduct, we would learn that a police spokesperson denied the accusation and that was that. Because we were not there and did not know those … [Read More...]


LA Talk Live: Murder By Police

n the heels of the full release of Ferguson, Missouri, police department internal emails, Dick and Sharon discussed the stresses associated with raising black children in America. We interviewed … [Read More...]

Civilian Oversight Forums

Town Hall Forums on Civilian Oversight: Make Your Voice Heard!!

he working group created by the LA County Board of Supervisors to make recommendations regarding the structure and powers of a civilian oversight body for the Sheriff's Department has announced a … [Read More...]

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