Cruel, Unusual, and Crowded

Will Brown v. Plata bring mass incarceration to an end? magine a society where convicts were sentenced to death by untreated renal failure or denial of chemotherapy. Modern Americans would surely … [Read More...]

Zero Tolerance

Backing Away From Zero Tolerance

chools across the country are rightly backing away from “zero tolerance” disciplinary policies under which children are suspended for minor misbehavior that once would have been dealt with by the … [Read More...]


Inside America’s Toughest Federal Prison

n prison, Rodney Jones told me, everyone had a nickname. Jones’s was Saint E’s, short for St. Elizabeth's, the federal psychiatric hospital in Washington, best known for housing John Hinckley Jr. … [Read More...]


California Rightly Revisits Its Tough-on-Youth-Crime Stance

alifornia long led the world in juvenile injustice. Just five years ago, when there were only seven people outside the U.S. serving life prison terms with no possibility of parole for crimes they had … [Read More...]

Public Defender

The Missing Public Defender

roviding lawyers to all defendants who face pretrial detention could keep many of them out of jail and save cities and counties money, says a new report from criminal justice experts. The … [Read More...]

Bad Apple Cop

Time to Move Beyond “Bad Apple Cop” Frame

View image | gettyimages.com and others have argued that video has “killed trust in police officers.” Police have been able to get away with a lot of abuse because judges, juries, and the public … [Read More...]

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