Turning the Page

JNJ October Preview

ext month Justice Not Jails is asking all faith communities to focus on the racism and waste of human beings in our criminal justice justice system. On the first weekend (October 3-5) houses of worship are invited to reference criminal justice within worship itself or in a related discussion meeting or on their websites and […]

prison life

How Can The Atlantic Give Us 5,000 Words on Prison Life Without Interviewing Prisoners?

s someone who writes about prisons, and who two spent years behind bars, I devour nearly everything written about it, especially the long-form stuff. So I was excited when I saw that The Atlantic’s latest issue had a major story called “How Gangs Took Over Prison.” Then I read it. Anyone who has ever survived […]

Yes on Prop 47

Why “Yes on Prop 47″ Matters

alifornians have a historic opportunity to bring about needed and long-overdue criminal justice reform by voting Yes on Proposition 47. This measure would: Improve public safety Reduce prison spending Increase our investment in K-12 schools, victims’ services and mental health and drug treatment. Proposition 47, the Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act, will be on the […]

custody town hall

Custody Town Hall This Thursday

A panel discussion about the LA County Sheriff’s Department Custody Division covering use of force, complaint processes, alternative, mental health, women in jail, and the role of the inspector general.

Worship Pleasing to God

Preaching Jubilee to the Captives: Week 10

he title we have given to these materials is meant to trip readers up ever so slightly. The premise most preachers take for granted is that they will preach about the evil of mass incarceration to their congregation, and it goes without saying that in most cases the congregants won’t be physically restricted. Most preachers […]