Defining, and Proclaiming, a New Black Power

Black America has a lot of anthems. If you’re at a wedding in the Philadelphia area, for instance, and hear the opening keyboard blasts of “Before I Let Go” by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, the … [Read More...]

ICE Stops Detained Immigrant Phone Calls

Forget About Calling A Lawyer Or Anyone at All if You’re in an Immigration Detention Facility When he was 10 years old, Audley Lyon moved from Jamaica to the United States. He grew up here, fell in … [Read More...]

So You Think a New Prison Will Save Your Town?

Officials in Letcher County, Ky. — where roughly one in four people live below the poverty line — are banking on a new federal prison as the solution to the area’s high rate of unemployment. Plans to … [Read More...]

Kids and Justice: The Legal Battles Ahead

Some of the country’s top legal experts say the protection of children’s rights in courtrooms is the next major challenge for the juvenile justice system. Young people’s lack of access to adequate … [Read More...]

A Speedier Death: The Battle Over California’s Death Penalty

At the stroke of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, February 20, 2006, Michael Morales was scheduled to die. After 23 years on California's death row, following his conviction and subsequent death sentence for … [Read More...]

Take Action: Help Block LAPD’s Phony Body Cam Program

Justice Not Jails strongly opposes the City of LA's $57 million/five-year funding proposal to supply all officers on patrol with body cams. This super-expensive program—a giveaway of precious tax … [Read More...]

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