Report from DC: A New Birth of Freedom?

Every two years the Drug Policy Alliance brings together activists and thought leaders from the broader movement against repression and racism and ignorance regarding drug policy and incarceration. … [Read More...]

These Savvy Women Have Made Black Lives Matter the Most Crucial Left-Wing Movement Today

There was a time when Melina Abdullah wanted to be the next Maxine Waters. A year or two ago, I recognized that those middle-class aspirations are done,” Abdullah says now, in the soothing voice of … [Read More...]

California’s Prison Experiment

What happens when you release thousands of prison inmates before the end of their sentences? It’s a question at the heart of the effort to address America’s overincarceration crisis. There are the … [Read More...]

When Prisoners Go Home, Punishment Isn’t Over

Last month marked the release of more than 6,000 people from federal prison as a result of the Sentencing Commission’s 2014 Reduction of Drug Sentences Act. Thanks to this legislation, tens of … [Read More...]

Kendrec McDade’s Mother Questions Latest Pasadena Police Report

The Pasadena Police Department willfully avoided the truth because the truth will damn them he Office of Independent Review (OIR) Report is even more damning to the Pasadena Police Department than I … [Read More...]

John Oliver Ridicules America’s Plan for Prisoner Re-Entry

Recently HBO’s John Oliver did a terrific piece which exposed the reality of re-entry (re-entering society by prisoners) and pointed out that leaving prison can be just as bad as being in it. He said … [Read More...]

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