Chipping Away at the Crime Wave Myth

The politicians and pundits, the academics and activists have argued for months over whether America is in the grip of a new crime wave. A few weeks ago, the FBI appeared to lay to rest the argument … [Read More...]

The Price We Paid: Race, Reparative Justice, and the Drug War

To date, President Barack Obama has granted 774 commutations. That is more commutations than the previous nine presidents combined and more commutations than any individual president in nearly a … [Read More...]

Mike Farrell Fights to End Death Penalty

How 'MASH' actor Mike Farrell became a leading voice against the death penalty in California The day in 1979 that Tennessee Rev. Joe Ingle landed in Los Angeles and made his way to the set of … [Read More...]

Why Has No LA Officer Been Charged?

L.A County Has Had More Than 1,300 Police Shootings Since 2000. Why Has No Officer Been Charged? On the night of April 25, 2014, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department dispatched three deputies … [Read More...]

Grassroots Pressure Delays Jail Construction Vote

Organizers release report detailing environmental health hazards of the proposed women’s jail in Los Angeles Last week, grassroots organizations in Los Angeles submitted a series of concerns … [Read More...]

The District Attorney Reports to You. Find Out How.

Find out where Los Angeles District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, stands on the issues that matter most. Moderated by KPCC's Frank Stoltze, the Town Hall will provide an opportunity to hear DA Lacey answer … [Read More...]

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