California Jails Fail Mentally Ill Inmates

Mental health care in California's jails is a disaster. Day after day, we hear about the long wait lists for treatment programs, the over- and under-medication, the reliance on solitary confinement … [Read More...]

Prison Reforms Yielding Neither Savings Nor Spike in Crime

Landmark changes in California's criminal justice system four years ago have not saved the state money or reduced the rate of convicts who are quickly back behind bars as proponents had promised, but … [Read More...]

On Policing, What Will Gov. Brown’s Legacy Be?

On September 2, I marched, rallied, and protested with nearly 800 people in Sacramento to demand that Gov. Brown sign AB 953: The Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015. We staged die-ins … [Read More...]

4,000 Prisoners Fighting California’s Fires Paid Just $1 an Hour

California is on fire. The wildfires covering over 100,000 acres of the state are so ferocious that they’re creating their own weather patterns and are visible from space. In the Valley Fire, which is … [Read More...]

When Prison Food Is Punishment

Prison food doesn’t exactly call to mind the most appetizing of cuisine. Anyone who’s watched an episode of Oz or Orange Is the New Black can imagine the unappealing dishes served to our country’s … [Read More...]

Police Program Aims to Pinpoint Those Most Likely to Commit Crimes

At the request of his probation officer, Tyrone C. Brown came to a community auditorium here in June and sat alongside about 30 other mostly young black men with criminal records — men who were being … [Read More...]

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