Freedom Songs

Freedom Songs: Reading the Bible With and For the Oppressed

ustice Not Jails, the LA-based interfaith coalition formed three years ago to combat mass incarceration and racially-biased law enforcement, is bringing some powerful scriptural teachers together to … [Read More...]

Mentally Ill Inmates Abused

Mentally Ill Inmates Routinely Physically Abused

entally ill inmates in prisons and jails across the United States are subjected to routine physical abuse by guards, including being doused with chemical sprays, shocked with electronic stun guns and … [Read More...]

Demand Civilian Oversight

Demand Civilian Oversight with Power!

To The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors: I urge you to create an independent civilian oversight commission to help end the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department’s (LASD) pattern and practice … [Read More...]

Jury Duty

Jury Duty for All Citizens

eneralizations are often used as reasons to take actions against certain people. When using generalizations, we usually find ways to distance ourselves from “them” or “those people.” Generalizations … [Read More...]

Patrisse Cullors All Saints

Birth of a Movement

Patrisse Cullors seizes the moment to remind the world that Black Lives Matter lack Lives Matters founder Patrisse Cullors’ journey into activism began at a young age. In 1999, then-16-year-old … [Read More...]

LAPD Body Cameras

Police Commission Bodycam Policy Shows How Mistrust Is Cultivated

he recent L.A. Police Commission decision provides that officers involved in an incident will be able to view videos of the incident even before they file reports. Whether that is wise or not I leave … [Read More...]

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