Making Millions from Mass Incarceration

Five Corporations Making Millions from Mass Incarceration

In addition to well-known prison profiteers Corrections Corporation of America and The GEO Group, many other companies also benefit from epidemic prison and jail building. View image | … [Read More...]

Incarceration and Depression

People in Neighborhoods with High Incarceration Rates Are More Likely to Suffer from Depression and Anxiety

Researchers found that removing large numbers of people from a community disrupts what they call the “social ecology.” It limits the availability of family and friends to provide the support, comfort, … [Read More...]

LA Sheriffs Department Transparency

Transparency Also Sheriff’s Department Duty

irst, the bad news, as laid out in a report by Los Angeles County Inspector General Max Huntsman and reported Friday in The Times: The Sheriff's Department does a poor job of informing the public … [Read More...]

LA County Jail Population

LA County Officials Credit Prop 47 for Big Drop in Jail Population

Officials said the drop has allowed them to keep more offenders incarcerated for larger portions of their sentence. They still don't have enough space to keep everyone for their entire … [Read More...]

los angeles jails priorities

Eyes on the Prize: Local Policy Priorities in 2015

There's the question of whether, as the incarcerated population shrinks, the County will finally start focusing on putting resources where they need to be: on rehabilitation and reentry support, not … [Read More...]


We Who Believe in Freedom: Responding to Mass Incarceration

he United States has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prison population. More than 60% of those in U.S. prisons are Black or Hispanic. How did this happen? Is there anything we can … [Read More...]

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