Comey & Bratton Serve A Weak Tea

Top Cops’ Rhetorical Efforts on Policing & Race Fall Short Two big speeches on race from two top cops in the course of a single month is a lot. But then, it’s Black History Month. And it may also … [Read More...]

cutting recidivism rates

Out of Prison, and Staying Out, After Third Strike in California

illiam Taylor III, once a lifer in state prison for two robbery convictions and the intent to sell a small packet of heroin, was savoring a moment he had scarcely dared to imagine: his first day … [Read More...]

Women Former Prisoners

How Former Prisoners Are Set Up to Fail, Especially if They’re Women

Orange Is the New Black has shined a light on women's experiences behind bars, but what happens when they're no longer locked up? iffany Johnson felt excited, scared, and a little incredulous on the … [Read More...]


When Whites Get a Free Pass

Research Shows White Privilege Is Real The recent reunion show for the 40th anniversary of “Saturday Night Live” re-aired a portion of Eddie Murphy’s 1984 classic “White Like Me” skit, in which he … [Read More...]

Anti-Prison Movement

The Worrying State of the Anti-Prison Movement

After declining for three consecutive years, the US prison and jail population increased in 2013. The widely declared victory over mass incarceration was premature at best. Below I raise four areas of … [Read More...]


Subpoena Power for Sheriff Civilian Oversight Panel?

There’s a sharp debate underway over whether a new civilian oversight panel should have subpoena power over the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. One key figure believes such power is necessary … [Read More...]

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