Let Us Now Praise Wealthy Men?

Structural Poverty, Religiously (Re)Considered oerg Rieger, a leading theological thinker in relation to economic injustice, is also a principal presenter at a forthcoming conference in Houston that seeks to galvanize a stronger and religiously-infused bottom-up justice movement. Peter Laarman, who has been working with the D.L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation to shape this week’s event, asked Rieger, the Wendland-Cook […]

cheryl dorsey interview

Getting a Finger on the Pulse With Cheryl Dorsey

ne week we’re focused on the Prop 47 effort to reduce nonviolent felonies to misdemeanor status. The next week we’re swept up in the L.A. Sheriff’s race that could have wide-ranging impact on how mentally ill prisoners are treated. Then it’s police oversight and whether or not the County will build a massively expensive jail. […]

Black Mental Health

Black Mental Health Behind Bars

hen Dr. Samuel Cartwright coined the term “drapetomania” in 1864, he advanced a historical agenda to secure Black subjugation in America. Cartwright’s diagnosis of the desire for freedom amongst enslaved Africans as a form of psychosis exposes two important realities about mental health in the United States. On Aug. 12, Mark-Anthony Johnson and Lynwood social […]

Decriminalize Drugs and Drug Use

Coalition Urges Nations to Decriminalize Drugs and Drug Use

coalition of political figures from around the world, including Kofi Annan, the former United Nations secretary general, and several former European and Latin American presidents, is urging governments to decriminalize a variety of illegal drugs and set up regulated drug markets within their own countries. The proposal by the group, the Global Commission on Drug […]

Peter Laarman: In Luke’s account Pilate asks three separate times (23:22) why this Galilean preacher should die, for “what evil has he done?” In Luke, Pilate is even willing to break with his new-found friend, King Herod, over this matter in order to maintain some semblance of justice. But he eventually gives in to the mob.

Preaching Jubilee to the Captives: Week 8

Resource Materials for Preachers on Topics Related to Mass Incarceration Foreword he title we have given to these materials is meant to trip readers up ever so slightly. The premise most preachers take for granted is that they will preach about the evil of mass incarceration to their congregation, and it goes without saying that in […]