Officer-Involved Shootings

We Need Transparency in Officer-Involved Shootings

Ask Gov. Brown to sign SB 227 SB 227 prohibits the use of secret grand juries to investigate excessive force by police that results in death. The governor has only 12 days to act on Senate Bill 227, … [Read More...]

Pell Grants for Prisoners

For Prisoners, a Path to Society

Conservatives and liberals who clash on just about everything else agree that the harsh drug sentencing laws that swept the country starting four decades ago have been wholly counterproductive, … [Read More...]

BlackLivesMatter Founders

#BlackLivesMatter Founders on Immigration & the Fight for “Safety Beyond Policing”, Part 2

We continue our conversation with the three women who co-founded Black Lives Matter. Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi talk about immigration, LGBT rights and their own personal … [Read More...]

BlackLivesMatter Campaign Strategies

How Black Lives Matter Forced Campaigns to Toss Their Black Voters Strategies

Democrats have never been more confident that their chances of hanging onto the White House hinge on black voters, who helped tip key states toward President Obama — but they have never been less … [Read More...]


Police Misconduct Needs ‘Broken Windows’ Approach

On the same day a female Los Angeles Police officer was sentenced to 36 months for delivering hard kicks to the groin of a handcuffed woman who later died, a homeless woman with mental illness was … [Read More...]

Samuel DuBose Shooting

Samuel DuBose’s Death in Cincinnati Points to Off-Campus Power of College Police

ix years ago, with crime creeping upward in the tree-lined, if slightly downtrodden, neighborhoods encircling the University of Cincinnati campus, the city and the university quietly signed an … [Read More...]

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