LA Clergy & Coalition Leaders Call for Systematic Change in Law Enforcement Regardless of Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict

eeting yesterday at Holman United Methodist Church, Los Angeles clergy and community leaders announced their intention to press for systemic change in law enforcement practices and in law enforcement culture no matter what the Ferguson grand jury decides in regard to the Michael Brown shooting. At the same time, the leaders who met yesterday said […]

LA Criminal Justice Challenges

Briefing for Faith Leaders on LA Criminal Justice Challenges

ith almost 19,000 persons behind bars, the LA County jail system is the largest local jail system in the country; it is also a system marked by decades of documented abuse in the form of deputy-on-inmate brutality and violence—even gang activity by groups of deputies—to the point that the U.S. Dept. of Justice is requiring […]

Now That Prop 47 Has Passed

Survey: What’s Next Now That Prop 47 Passed?

t would seem that the region’s criminal justice reform community had a big day this past November 4th. That Election Day, Californians voted overwhelmingly in favor of Prop 47, the ballot measure that reduces six low-level, non-violent felonies to misdemeanor status. Then here in Los Angeles County, voters elected a new Sheriff, also by an […]


Getting a Finger on the Pulse with Emily Harris

ow that Prop 47 has passed and a new Sheriff will soon be walking the beat in Los Angeles County, we thought we’d engage Emily Harris, the statewide coordinator for Californians United for a Responsible Budget, which has been battling so hard to push California and, in particular, Los Angeles County out of its “build […]

yes on 47 volunteering

Changing Your Record Under Proposition 47

ith the passage of Proposition 47, certain low-level, nonviolent felonies can now be changed to misdemeanors on old criminal records. If you or someone you know has a prior criminal record with a felony record for any of the following crimes, you may qualify to remove the felony from your record and change it to […]

Keep Mentally Ill Out of Jail

In Push to Keep Mentally Ill Out of Jail, County to Expand Crisis Centers

the urging of Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey and others lobbying to keep mentally ill people from being locked up in county jails, Los Angeles County supervisors voted Wednesday to fund several programs for people undergoing psychiatric crises. The supervisors voted to use $40.9 million in state funding for opening three new 24-hour psychiatric urgent care […]