Public Defender

The Missing Public Defender

roviding lawyers to all defendants who face pretrial detention could keep many of them out of jail and save cities and counties money, says a new report from criminal justice experts. The … [Read More...]

Bad Apple Cop

Time to Move Beyond “Bad Apple Cop” Frame

View image | gettyimages.com and others have argued that video has “killed trust in police officers.” Police have been able to get away with a lot of abuse because judges, juries, and the public … [Read More...]

Night to Bear Witness

Night to Bear Witness: Standing with the Abused and the Disappeared, Affirming That Black Lives Matter

ustice Not Jails asks area churches to help create a powerful public witness against ongoing acts of anti-Black violence and ongoing systemic oppression of Black communities. While much of the … [Read More...]

LASD Oversight Commission

Community Members In Running for LASD Oversight!

he hot topic right now among the working group deciding the civilian oversight commission’s size, scope, and responsibilities is COMPOSITION. How many people will serve on the commission and who will … [Read More...]

Mass-Incarceration Trap

Escaping the Mass-Incarceration Trap

f we want to get our disgraceful incarceration rate back to our own historical level – let alone the lower levels enjoyed by other economically advanced democracies – we have to reduce the … [Read More...]

Prison Torture

Why The U.S. Won’t Let the U.N. Look Inside Its Prisons

n 2010, Juan Mendez was appointed Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Degrading and Inhumane Treatment by the United Nations. His mandate is wide in size and scope—to expose and document … [Read More...]

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