Who We Are

Justice Not Jails is a multi-year campaign designed to aggregate and enhance the faith community’s involvement in working against racialized mass incarceration in California.

kids togetherJustice Not Jails is a program of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. It was originated by Progressive Christians Uniting and became a program area of IM4HumanIntegrity in 2016.

The co-conveners of Justice Not Jails are Rev. John Cager of Ward AME in Los Angeles and Rev. Kelvin Sauls of Holman United Methodist Church.

What We Do

Justice Not Jails provides coordinated leadership and points of entry for religious communities on shared issues of concern in the criminal justice arena.

Justice Not Jails provides training in public policy advocacy for faith leaders (both clergy and lay leaders) who wish to become effective advocates on issues related to incarceration and re-entry. 

Justice Not Jails supplies needed theological grounding for faith community engagement at the intersection of incarceration and race.

Justice Not Jails helps shape and support effective messaging for faith communities at this same intersection of incarceration and race.

Justice Not Jails helps people of faith in re-thinking the criminalization of drug use and drug users.

Justice Not Jails helps cultivate and support congregations that wish to identify themselves as Beyond Bars congregations: i.e., congregations that integrate support for incarcerated people and their family members and for re-entering citizens into their overall public ministry.