Art Cribbs

Art-Cribbs-200The Rev. Dr. Art Cribbs is the executive director of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, a statewide faith-based organization, that advocates for workers and immigrant rights, quality education, and health care.
Working with interfaith leaders in San Diego County, he participated in public vigils for peace to end wars in the Middle East, Iraq, and Afghanistan; joined members of the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice in public actions at various locations, including shopping malls and the University of California, San Diego; and, assisted with the annual La Posada bi-national event along the Mexico-United States border.
He was president of the Ecumenical Council of San Diego County and president of Pacific Media Ministry, a television production company that produced local and network programs.
As a former executive with the international ministries of the United Church of Christ, Dr. Cribbs traveled to more than 20 countries, itinerated and accompanied global partners who visited the United States.

Saving America from Herself

Why is President Trump acting against the people of his nation? Why does he repeatedly provoke hurtful behavior that creates an atmosphere of fear and disruption? What causes him to have such disdain for innocent people who have done no harm? There is something incredibly amiss about the conduct and priorities displayed by an executive who was placed in office with a minority vote on the eve of a much divided country. Instead of seeking solutions and remedies to unite and bring people together, … [Read more...]

Extremist Rallies Cancelled

Every day the United States has an opportunity to move closer to the real ideals of the founders of this nation. Unfortunately, the esteemed documents that laid the foundation of this country lose meaning when actions and rhetoric form conditions for residents and citizens that deny our full humanity and value. Today, our nation faces the dangerous reality for Muslim members of our society who are falsely accused and denigrated by extremist groups that dare to ignore America’s true greatness … [Read more...]

There Is a Better Way

One of the most difficult observations about today's national reality is that our nation is faced with a coup.  There is every indication the government has been commandeered by forces foreign to the values and hard fought triumphs to break open a system that had been closed to too many of its citizens. From insults hurled at Muslims, to accusations against immigrants, to false statements about transgendered persons serving in the military, to a roll back of Civil Rights legislation, to … [Read more...]

Community Organizing at Macedonia Baptist Church

August 29th at 7 p.m. ustice Not Jails and Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity will conduct its next community organizing session at Macedonia Baptist Church on Tuesday, August 29, at 7:00 PM.  Macedonia is located at 1751 East 114th Street in Los Angeles. We are building a network with our partners, ACLU, A Way of Life, Amity Foundation, Dignity and Power Now, L.A. Progressive, and Women in Transition to: hold elected officials and police accountable to our community; raise our … [Read more...]

Community Organizing at Macedonia Baptist Church

INTERFAITH MOVEMENT FOR HUMAN INTEGRITY JUSTICE NOT JAILS COMMUNITY ORGANIZING AT MACEDONIA BAPTIST CHURCH Our Community Organizing and Training Session is tomorrow night, July 25, at 7:00 PM at Macedonia Baptist Church located at 1751 East 114th Street. We are focusing on building our base and network of community and faith leaders to address police and elected officials' accountability and our support for re-entry of formerly incarcerated women. Public budgets are sacred documents … [Read more...]

Which Way America?

Violence, dislocation, criminalization, mass detention and incarceration, reduction of decency, and the mistreatment of women and children or any person should be seen as acts against humanity. Such behaviors begin the moment a human being is no longer seen as valuable or able to enjoy the fullness of life. Heart-wrenching details about historic and continuing realities of what it means to be Black in America should cause us to shudder. Poverty, poor quality education, high unemployment, … [Read more...]

How Long…Standing in the Mirror

Standing in front of the mirror the question emerged and nagged me without ceasing, “What have I done today to make life better for someone other than myself?” How long must I stand still staring at the reflection that resembles a familiar face? Will the inquiry continue to eat away at my conscious and stab my heart with a sharp blame dripping with guilt? “How long, Oh Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you, "Violence!" but you do not save?” asked the prophet … [Read more...]

Community Organizing Training Session: May 16th

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity through its Justice Not Jails program will conduct a training session on community organizing in Watts on Tuesday, May 16, at 7:00 PM.  The training session will be held at Macedonia Baptist Church located at 1751 East 114th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90059. Following the "Acting in the Spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." event earlier this month, the community training session is designed to equip faith leaders and members of local congregations to … [Read more...]

Have Faith, Not Fear

Everybody is excited and anxious about executive orders to ban Muslims, Congress’ repeal and replacement of Obamacare, enhanced law enforcement to detain and deport undocumented immigrants, and increased efforts to rollback civil rights advancements for people of color and the LGBTQ communities. There is every reason to be concerned about the rapid degeneration of long, hard fought gains for women, including protection of reproductive rights, choice, and health matters. We are witnessing the … [Read more...]

A Time to Break Silence

An interfaith service to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will be held Tuesday, April 4, at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary of Macedonia Baptist Church located at 1751 East 114th Street in Los Angeles. On the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s seminal sermon, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence,” faith leaders and congregations will come together to look at how far America has come since 1967. Based on today’s issues after the election of President Trump, for many people it feels … [Read more...]