Britta Love

Britta Love is a writer and activist who is passionate about sex and drugs, believing that sexual freedom and cognitive liberty are fundamental human rights. As a graduate of the London School of Economics she wrote her dissertation on sex work in the UK. Her more recent research is grounded in humanity’s rich history of embodied spirituality: where intentional sexuality and psychoactive plant medicines are fully integrated into healing and spiritual practice. She recently graduated from the Consciousness Studies program at Goddard College, writing her master’s thesis on healing through altered states. She has presented at the Psymposia Conference at the University of Massachussetts Amherst, the Desiree Alliance Conference, and the Gratitude Festival and writes for AlterNet and Reality Sandwich. Britta is based in Brooklyn, NY where she gives monthly talks at the Tarot Society Gallery and Reading Room, writes a blog on sex, drugs and consciousness ( and advocates for the ibogaine movement and the Sex Worker’s Outreach Project.

10 Reasons to End Wars on Drugs and Sex Workers

The real lived experiences of drug users and of sex workers are underrepresented and widely misunderstood. ex and drugs are two of the most controversial and intensely charged topics in American culture, and the connection between them extends far beyond their shared association with the hedonistic impulse. Sex and drugs can be powerful ways to alter consciousness, to facilitate surrender, to heal and to reconnect. But there’s yet another important link to be made between the two: the … [Read more...]