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Crystal Shepeard is a freelance writer, native Californian, and self-proclaimed information junkie. A graduate of UCLA with a degree in Sociology, this former military brat has lived in several states and in Europe. She is passionate about politics, world events, and is (not really) seeking help for her unhealthy obsession with science fiction and British dramas. She currently resides in Santa Monica, California where she spends most of her time hoping that her five-year-old son doesn’t realize he’s much smarter than his mother.

Women Overlooked in California Prisoner Realignment Program

alifornia is in the midst of reducing its state prison inmate population to no more than 137.5 percent of capacity, the first step to address what was deemed inhumane overcrowded conditions. Much of the overcrowding in state prisons has been due to offenders violating conditions of their parole and automatically being sent back to prison. One of the programs undertaken has been transferring parole supervision of low level, non-violent, non-sex offenders to county probation departments. While … [Read more...]