Diana Zuñiga

diana-zuniga-250Diana Zuñiga is the Statewide Organizer for Californians United for a Responsible Budget. Diana joined the CURB staff in November of 2012. She brings to the coalition years of community organizing and leadership skills honed in campaign work for the Latino Voters League, the Southwest Voter Registration Project and Drug Policy Alliance.

Based in Los Angeles, Diana provides leadership and support to county-level struggles about realignment, and works to develop a deeper and broader base for CURB in Southern California. Diana has several close family members who are imprisoned. Diana holds a BA in Political Science and Chicano/a Studies with a minor in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University.

Diana serves as an Advisory Committee Member for the Fund For Non-Violence Justice with Dignity.

California’s Budget Flies in Face of Voter-Mandated Incarceration Reductions

When people talk about criminal justice reform most progressive perspectives will support the notion that we spend too much money on imprisoning people, that we should reduce imprisoned populations, and reinvest funding into community based programs. Since 2011, the concept of reducing imprisoned populations to save money has actually moved forward in California through the efforts of Governor Jerry Brown and the legislature to implement Public Safety Realignment. And voters have overwhelmingly … [Read more...]

LA County Jails Knowingly Expose Prisoners to Deadly Fungal Infection

For nearly three years, the LA No More Jails Coalition has been organizing against the construction of a new women's jail in the city of Lancaster, California, which sits at the northern edge of LA County -- home to the largest jail system in the country. The fight has been a long one, and organizers continue to work to ensure that public funds are diverted away from another jail, and instead invested toward alternatives -- diversion programs that would get people released and much needed … [Read more...]

Grassroots Pressure Delays Jail Construction Vote

Organizers release report detailing environmental health hazards of the proposed women’s jail in Los Angeles Last week, grassroots organizations in Los Angeles submitted a series of concerns regarding the proposed $120 million women’s jail in Lancaster that resulted in the Board of Supervisors delaying the vote on the final Environmental Impact Report.  Organizers released a report entitled, “We are not Disposable: The Toxic Impacts of Prisons and Jails” today and will follow up with a press … [Read more...]

Why LA’s $2 Billion Jail Plan Is Not a Done Deal

Since the building of the Twin Towers almost 17 years ago, Los Angeles county has been dealing with jail overcrowding, federal investigations over excessive use of force, and an almost $1 billion budget for jails. Time and time again, there has been a new proposal to invest in the failed jail system and in misguided attempts to alleviate these circumstances. In 1997, $100 million was approved to refurbish Sybil Brand – a jail that had been closed due to the traumatizing conditions in which … [Read more...]

CURB Responds to Governor’s Aggressive Prison Construction Budget

View image | gettyimages.comThe Corrections Budget continues to account for a total of $12.656 billion with plans to move forward with “aggressive” prison construction of 3,682 new beds at Donovan and Mule Creek with no clear plans to close the dilapidated Norco prison until next year’s budget. For years we have continued to see the Governor prioritize prison expansion instead of the smart sentencing reform that voters have supported time and time again. We are deeply disappointed that … [Read more...]

No More Jails and No More Cops in LA!

The county budgeting process is under way! Los Angeles Board of Supervisors approved the recommended budget for FY 2015-16 and will be holding a public budget hearing on Wednesday, May 13th. This hearing is critical. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is requesting a total of $4 billion in this year’s budget. They want to add 2,000 positions to the department to increase policing on Metro, in the courts, streets, and jails. As Angelenos endure blow after blow from the violence policing … [Read more...]

Town Hall Forums on Civilian Oversight | No More Jails!

he working group created by the LA County Board of Supervisors to make recommendations regarding the structure and powers of a civilian oversight body for the Sheriff's Department has announced a series of community forums. Their official announcement is here. Next date/location for a town hall is tomorrow night (14th) in Sylmar. Note from the announcement that you can write to share your viewpoint with the working group even if you cannot attend one of the town hall events. Prepare … [Read more...]

How Well Is Realignment Working?

CURB Realignment Report Card: November 2013 Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB) has reviewed the realignment plans of 13 key counties in California. We selected the counties because they imprison the largest number of people in our state, send the largest share of people to state prison or are counties within which the majority of CURB members live and work.  We originally reviewed these counties realignment plans in October 2011  and again in March 2012. In our assessment, … [Read more...]

Statewide Mobilization to Fight Jail Expansion: December 4

On December 4th, Sheriffs throughout the state will be begging the Board of State and Community Corrections for millions of dollars to build more cages for our children. Come to Sacramento and help us show that communities across the state are united: No New Jails! Over 33 of California’s 58 counties have plans to build new jails.  While some of them claim to be reformers, we know we won’t be able to pass sentencing reform or bring our loved ones home unless we stop building cages. These … [Read more...]

Pelican Bay Prisoners Suspend Historic Hunger Strike After 59 Days

After 59 days on hunger strike, prisoners at Pelican Bay have suspended their peaceful protest. Representatives of the Short CorridorCollective at Pelican Bay State Prison’s Security Housing Unit issued a statement this morning: In response to much sincere urging of loved ones, supporters, our attorneys and current and former state legislators, Tom Ammiano, Loni Hancock, and Tom Hayden, for whom we have the upmost respect, we decided to suspend our hunger strike. Read the complete Statement … [Read more...]