Dick Price & Sharon Kyle

dick-and-sharon-kissing-KAs a husband and wife team, Sharon Kyle and Dick Price publish several print and online newsletters on political and social justice issues. Sharon serves as Publisher for Dick & Sharon's LA Progressive and Dick serves as Editor.

California Legislature Criminal Justice Report Card Launches

Led by LA Progressive’s publishers, a team of two dozen Los Angeles-based criminal justice activists has just released a new Criminal Justice Report Card in time for November’s critical election. By looking at important criminal justice legislation enacted over the past several years, this first scorecard gives readers a snapshot of the performance of California’s legislators at a time when much good criminal justice reform is being done but when many terrific battles still lie ahead. Go … [Read more...]

Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Can Police Departments Actually “Protect and Serve” Black and Brown Communities? What: ACLU SoCal Pasadena-Foothills Chapter Public Forum When: Tuesday, May 12th, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Where: Neighborhood Church, 301 No. Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena RSVP: Free on Eventbrite Visit Facebook Page Here ot a week passes these days without news of yet another shooting, beating, tasering, or choking of an unarmed black or brown man by police officers under what are at least suspicious—and sometimes … [Read more...]

Black Lives Matter Cofounder Patrisse Cullors Talks with Justice Not Jails

Black Lives Matter Cofounder Patrisse Cullors atrisse Cullors -- founding member of Black Lives Matter, leader of Coalition to End Sheriff Violence in Los Angeles, sparkplug for Dignity & Power Now, artist, actress, activist extraordinaire -- joined us this past Monday. With her colleagues, she has been pressing hard to establish civilian oversight for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, advocating on the ground for nearly two years to end the culture of violence among deputies behind … [Read more...]

LA Talk Live: Murder By Police

n the heels of the full release of Ferguson, Missouri, police department internal emails, Dick and Sharon discussed the stresses associated with raising black children in America. We interviewed Ishtyme Robinson, a mother who lost two children in two different confrontations with law enforcement officers. On Thursday, 2 April, officials in Ferguson released the full contents of emails used by the Department of Justice in its investigation and subsequent report on the racial climate at the … [Read more...]

Criminal Justice Reform Comes Front and Center October 25th

Companion Events Examine Critical Mass Incarceration Issues ith Election Day rapidly approaching, activists from across Southern California will gather at two companion events on Saturday, October 25th, to speak out on the urgency of making major structural changes that will reduce incarceration rates, restore devastated neighborhoods, and improve public safety. Prop 47 will be front and center. So will the need for LA County to provide much better support to those struggling to re-enter … [Read more...]

Getting a Finger on the Pulse With Susan Burton

usan Burton has emerged as a force of nature in the battle to end mass incarceration and help formerly incarcerated women reintegrate into society. If she’s not putting on a film festival, she’s taking a group of “liberated lifers” to testify in Sacramento. If she’s not appearing in films with Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander, she’s meeting with city councilmembers and state legislators to get a fairer shake for the formerly incarcerated. Everywhere you look, Susan and the people she has … [Read more...]

Getting a Finger on the Pulse With Cheryl Dorsey

ne week we’re focused on the Prop 47 effort to reduce nonviolent felonies to misdemeanor status. The next week we’re swept up in the L.A. Sheriff’s race that could have wide-ranging impact on how mentally ill prisoners are treated. Then it's police oversight and whether or not the County will build a massively expensive jail. After that, we’re involved in drug sentencing controversies, protests about police shootings of unarmed young black men, debates about the local DA’s use of split … [Read more...]

L.A. County Sheriff Debate in Pasadena: Sunday, April 6th

Los Angeles County Sheriff Forum Sunday, April 6th, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Neighborhood Church 301 No. Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena RSVP on Facebook eighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church and All Saints Church, Pasadena, are co-sponsoring a non-partisan Los Angeles County Sheriff Forum with June primary candidates available to speak and answer questions. Moderator will be Andre Coleman, Features Editor, from Pasadena Weekly. The purpose of this forum is to hear the candidates and to … [Read more...]

Alternatives to Jerry Brown’s “More Cages” Prison Plan Proposed

Governor Jerry Brown’s just-proposed plan to ease overcrowding in California prisons without releasing inmates early has drawn quick opposition from prison reform activists across the state and has spawned an alternative approach from a contingent of moderate and liberal Democrats in the state legislature, creating an unusual rift among senior Democrats in the age-old incarceration-rehabilitation divide that usually pits Republican against Democrat. Announced Tuesday, Brown’s plan would spend … [Read more...]

Justice on Trial Film Festival: First-Ever Criminal Justice Film Festival Rides Wave of Reform

Los Angeles will be the site of the first-ever annual film festival devoted exclusively to films exposing grave defects in the American criminal justice system. The festival arrives at a time of tremendous national ferment and momentum for progressive change.  The U.S. Attorney General is calling for a new look at sentencing practices and California is undertaking the broad implementation of public safety realignment.  Even more moderate elements of the conservative political community are … [Read more...]