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Dick Price is Editor of the LA Progressive. With his wife Sharon, he publishes several other print and online newsletters on political and social justice issues. He has worked in publishing as a writer, editor, and publisher for a quarter century. In earlier releases, he was a cab driver, bartender, construction worker, soldier, and farmhand, and for many years helped operate a nonprofit halfway house for homeless alcoholics and addicts. To contact him, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

Legal Marijuana, Death Penalty Initiatives: How Should Innercity Communities React?

Justice Revival Offers Spiritual, Legislative Criminal Justice Reform Solutions When: Thursday, October 6, 2016 Where: First AME Church of Los Angeles, 2270 So. Harvard Blvd., Los Angeles RSVP Here Overflow Parking & Shuttle Service: Holman United Methodist Church, 3320 West Adams Blvd Los Angeles America's decades-long "War on Drugs" and "War on Crime" have too often been morphed into a grotesque War on Blacks and Browns. Michelle Alexander's seminal work, "The New Jim Crow: Mass … [Read more...]

Asset Forfeiture: “Tenny Mucho Mucho Deniro In Su Trucky-Trailer?”

It's a topsy-turvy world when the best place you can go to understand an egregiously abusive police practice like civil asset forfeiture is a comedy show. I hope you watched John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight: Civil Forfeiture" episode that we embedded in Sharon's survey article this weekend. I’ll add it here for good measure. Using biting humor, of course, but also facts and figures and film, the British comedian nails this absurd process of allowing police departments to seize property … [Read more...]

Targeting the Poor: Asset Forfeiture, Bail Practices, and Debt Peonage

What: ACLU SoCal Pasadena/Foothills Chapter Forum Where: Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church, 301 N. Orange Grove Bvld., Pasadena When: Tuesday, May 10th, 6:30 to 9 p.m. RSVP Here Jess Farris, Policy and Advocacy Counsel at the ACLU of Southern California, with experience working to prevent and correct wrongful convictions. Michael Kaufman, Immigrant Rights Attorney at the ACLU of Southern California, leading a class action lawsuit against the federal government about its … [Read more...]

ACLU “Alternatives to Incarceration” Forum: November 10th

Toward Saner Approaches That Treat Communities More Humanely While Saving Taxpayers Money What: ACLU SoCal Pasadena-Foothills Chapter Public Forum When: Tuesday, November 10th, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Where: Neighborhood Church, 301 No. Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena RSVP HERE he decades-long war on drugs and war on crime have produced baleful results. In recent years, California’s prison population exploded to over double the 80,000 its prisons are designed to hold, with prisoners crammed … [Read more...]

Getting a Finger on the Pulse with Lizzie Buchen

Lizzie Buchen has recently joined CURB—Californians United for a Responsible Budget—as its Statewide Advocacy and Communications Co-Coordinator, working out of Oakland. Earlier, she was a member of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) policy team. She holds an M.S. in neuroscience from the University of California San Francisco and has worked in journalism and prisoner rehabilitation. She also served as a volunteer adviser to the San Quentin News, a monthly newspaper produced by … [Read more...]

Survey: What’s Next Now That Prop 47 Passed?

t would seem that the region's criminal justice reform community had a big day this past November 4th. That Election Day, Californians voted overwhelmingly in favor of Prop 47, the ballot measure that reduces six low-level, non-violent felonies to misdemeanor status. Then here in Los Angeles County, voters elected a new Sheriff, also by an overwhelming margin, in current Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell, who was generally regarded as the more progressive choice, one who seemed to … [Read more...]

Getting a Finger on the Pulse with Emily Harris

ow that Prop 47 has passed and a new Sheriff will soon be walking the beat in Los Angeles County, we thought we'd engage Emily Harris, the statewide coordinator for Californians United for a Responsible Budget, which has been battling so hard to push California and, in particular, Los Angeles County out of its "build more cages" mentality. Working out of CURB's Oakland office, Emily brings experience working with women in prison through roles in Free Battered Women, California Coalition for … [Read more...]

Sheriff Candidates Take It Personally in South LA

alled "Boxing for Sheriff: Business As Usual Vs. New Ideas," the latest in a series of debates among the seven candidates vying to replace departed Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca broke out in a rash of finger-pointing, hot glances, and shaking heads appropriate to the event's billing, though perhaps not its locale in St. Moriah Baptist Church on LA's Southside. With the Sheriff's Department under U.S. Department of Justice scrutiny for everything from civil rights violations of mentally … [Read more...]

LA Sheriff Candidates Split Hairs in Pasadena

ix of seven candidates for the recently vacated Los Angeles County Sheriff’s seat struggled mightily this past Sunday afternoon to convince a respectful crowd of perhaps 150 local activists that there is more than a hair’s breadth of difference in their positions. Trim, tanned, and steely-eyed in the manner of West Coast law enforcement officers, the half dozen men answered two hours of questions put to them by Andre Coleman and Kevin Uhrich from the Pasadena Weekly, using crisp, … [Read more...]

Can Crime Victims’ Heartache Change Policies?

Aqeela Sherrills recounted how his oldest son, home on holiday from Humboldt State, on the far north end of California, was murdered at a party. Adela Barajas told of a sister-in-law gunned down in a drive by shooting, followed a few years later by the woman’s daughter, also gunned down in the same crime-wracked South LA neighborhood. And Los Angeles police officer Stinson Brown told of being awoken one morning by fellow officers to learn that his 21-year-old son—a good kid, a straight … [Read more...]