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Emily Harris is statewide coordinator of Californians United for a Responsible Budget.

Two Views on Extending Prop 57 from San Quentin

CDCR's proposed regulations for the implementation of Prop 57 are being reviewed in the California State Assembly and Senate Budget Committee hearings Thursday and this coming Monday. Advocates from CURB, Initiate Justice and the Ella Baker Center are working with people in prison and their families to respond to the regulations, they forwarded these two articles.  Ending the Cycle of Violence roposition 57 falls short of its potential to reduce the prison population and make society safer … [Read more...]

Advocates Call Jail Construction Halt, More Funding for Community-Based Services

Report Released on State Funding Options for LA Jail and Diversion: Advocates call for an immediate halt to new jail and more investment in services hursday, the California Department of Finance released their AB 1468 report, which outlines four options for the state to assist Los Angeles County with its mental health infrastructure needs as it plans to replace Men’s Central Jail. The report highlights that “the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted on August 5, 2014 to replace the … [Read more...]

Gov. Brown Backslides on Corrections Budget

View image | gettyimages.com No Substantial Reductions to the Prison Population Only Costly Expansion Gov. Brown’s 2015-16 Budget, released this past week, defies comments earlier this week that the administration is committed to shrinking California’s over-sized prisons by increasing prison spending by 1.7%,bringing the total Corrections budget up to $12.676 billion. f the Governor believes that ‘we can’t pour more and more dollars down the rat hole of incarceration’ and has actively … [Read more...]

California Budget Makes Small Progress on Mass Incarceration Issues

n the face of community and court pressure for sweeping criminal justice reform, Governor Brown and the legislature have made only small changes to their ongoing commitment to mass incarceration. For years we have seen our elected representatives balk at opportunities presented by realignment and the Court's prison crowding order to abandon failed policies that have imprisoned more and more Californians over the last several decades. Unfortunately, this year is not very different. The … [Read more...]

Prison Crowding: Gov. Brown Can Thank Supreme Court for Political Cover

Despite Gov. Jerry Brown’s pointless and frenzied vows to appeal once again, the Supreme Court’s decision ends an important chapter in the decades-long prison saga. The court denied Brown’s request for a stay in implementing the last of the court-ordered reduction in the state’s prison population. A month’s reprieve was all the governor got. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced it has already identified those close to the end of their sentences, and elderly … [Read more...]