About Esther Lim

Esther Lim has been the Jails Project Director at the ACLU of Southern California since December 2012, and was previously the Jails Project Coordinator since 2010. With the assistance of externs, interns and volunteers, Esther monitors overcrowding, conditions of confinement, and issues of violence within all Los Angeles County jail facilities.

LA County Officials Fail to Act – and Public Safety Suffers

Los Angeles County officials have a powerful tool at their disposal to keep felons from committing more crimes in the future – but they’re not using it. As the L.A. Times explained in its recent editorial “Stop the revolving jail door,” ‘split sentencing’ has the potential to help offenders and crime victims alike, by “breaking the cycle of offending, being locked up, returning to the streets and offending again.” Despite the clear benefits of split sentences – which involve shorter jail … [Read more...]