Donald Trump: Textbook Racist

ivil rights advocates, social scientists and regular citizens have all called out President Trump as a racist in recent weeks. The president’s supporters have countered with stories about the blacks and Latinos he has hired or befriended, and with personal testimonies: “I’ve known Donald Trump for many years. He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.” As a professor who researches and teaches courses on the health effects of race, racism and inequality, I can assure you that the president’s … [Read more...]

In New York, Major Crime Complaints Fell When Cops Took a Break from “Proactive Policing”

hen New York police officers temporarily reduced their “proactive policing” efforts on low-level offenses, major-crime reports in the city actually fell, according to a study based on New York Police Department crime statistics. The findings, published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, put a crack in the “broken windows” theory of policing that has become a mainstay of many urban police departments. “Order maintenance policing,” a type of proactive policing, is informed by the ‘broken … [Read more...]

They Thought They Were Going to Rehab

They Ended Up in Chicken Plants The worst day of Brad McGahey’s life was the day a judge decided to spare him from prison. McGahey was 23 with dreams of making it big in rodeo, maybe starring in his own reality TV show. With a 1.5 GPA, he’d barely graduated from high school. He had two kids and mounting child support debt. Then he got busted for buying a stolen horse trailer, fell behind on court fines and blew off his probation officer. Standing in a tiny wood-paneled courtroom in rural … [Read more...]

Civilian Overseers Tell Sheriff McDonald to Ground Drone

In its first nine months, the $10,000 device has hovered over hard-to-reach spots in Los Angeles County, searching for gunmen and missing people. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials say the 20-inch-long unmanned aircraft system, equipped with a camera, has been deployed only five times out of the 1,000 events this year that could have used the special set of eyes. But after months of public debate over possible surveillance and weaponization, the Sheriff Civilian Oversight … [Read more...]

When Black Children Are Targeted for Punishment

Sixty years ago today, Minnijean Brown and eight other black students walked into all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Ark., as angry white protesters shouted obscenities, spat on them and threatened violence in full view of television cameras. The Little Rock Nine were escorted by soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division at the order of President Eisenhower, a moment that is rightly celebrated as a triumph in civil rights history. But a few months after taking her historic steps, … [Read more...]

A Rebel, a Warrior and a Race Fiend

Donald Trump is operating the White House as a terror cell of racial grievance in America’s broader culture wars. He has made his allegiances clear: He’s on the side of white supremacists, white nationalists, ethno-racists, Islamophobes and anti-Semites. He is simpatico with that cesspool. And nothing gets his goat quite like racial minorities who stand up for themselves or stand up to him. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was asked about the annual rite of championship teams … [Read more...]

How Bad Apples Spoil the Whole Bunch

You may have read about Michael Hamill, the “hot cop” from Gainesville, Florida, who became famous for his hunky good looks shortly after Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Sunshine State. You may recall that Hamill’s fame immediately exposed him as someone who was comfortable making anti-Semitic jokes online, a transgression for which he promptly was suspended. Over the past few years, the news has been filled with stories of police officers disciplined for posting material online that any … [Read more...]

When White Supremacists Ruled Washington

Southerners who rose to federal office after the Civil War achieved something the Confederate Army had not: They seized control of Washington and bent it to their will. The Washington National Cathedral illuminated the era of white supremacist domination this month when it dismantled ornate stained-glass windows that portrayed the Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson as saintly figures. The windows, installed in 1953, contained the Confederate flag and were the handiwork … [Read more...]

Reclaiming My Time: Maxine Waters, the Sabbath, and the High Holy Days

In late July, California Rep. Maxine Waters’ “reclaiming my time” became the rallying cry heard round the world. Manifestos emerged as women and people of color discerned the ways in which time has been historically stolen from them. Memes are now a fact of life; they direct and shape how we consume information. Yet we seldom ask why they become ubiquitous. Some are so sensational they require no explanation for their virality. Others, like Waters’ mantra, invite us to consider a deeper … [Read more...]

Police Fueling Increased Overdoses, HIV Transmission, Viral Hepatitis

Pvery day there is a new headline highlighting the devastating effects of the current opioid crisis on individuals and their communities – from record overdoses to widespread transmission of hepatitis C. This has started a dialogue, urging public officials to treat drug use as a medical issue rather than a criminal one. States across the U.S. are responding to this as a public health matter – passing 911 Good Samaritan and naloxone access laws, opening of syringe exchanges, and increasing access … [Read more...]