Jamilah King

Jamilah King is a writer based in New York City. Currently a senior staff writer at Mic.com, she was previously senior editor at Colorlines, where her work focused on race, arts and culture. Her work has appeared on Salon, MSNBC, the American Prospect, Al Jazeera, The Advocate, and in the California Sunday Magazine. She's also a music junkie and an unabashed Bay Area sports fan.

There’s a Pretty Good Chance Your American Flag Was Made by a Prisoner

People of color are incarcerated in huge numbers. And they’re manufacturing America’s symbol of freedom. very generation or so, the American flag becomes a flashpoint in civic discourse. In recent memory, it’s been held aloft by civil rights marchers and burned by critics of the Vietnam War. It became a show of unity after 9/11 and, some would argue, a symbol of militarism as US intervention ramped up in the years after 2001. Today, it represents a country deeply divided along partisan lines, … [Read more...]