Pastor Eddie Anderson

pastor eddie andersonPassionate about social activism and proclaiming a theology open and accessible to all, Pastor Eddie Anderson is a third generation Pastor who serves the historic McCarty Memorial Christian Church located in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles. Previous to McCarty Memorial CC, Edward served as Assistant Minister at Burbank First Christian where he was affectionately known as Pastor Eddie.

Angels Are Everywhere: LA’s Homeless Army

Angels are everywhere. You can find them working at your local restaurant, sleeping in cars along the street, and huddled in the shadows on notorious Skid Row. You can find them in local colleges, graduate programs, trade schools and even in your own neighborhoods. Yes, angels are everywhere in this city of angels, but their wings have been clipped. Los Angeles is filled with angels but we often call them homeless, unemployed, underemployed, and the working poor. In Los Angeles, the rate of … [Read more...]