Susan Burton

Susan BurtonSusan Burton is the founder and executive director of A New Way of Life Reentry Program.

Susan Burton and her story of perseverance in overcoming overwhelming odds is an inspiration to women across the United States, particularly formerly incarcerated women and women in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. After cycling in an out of the criminal justice system for nearly fifteen years, Susan gained freedom and sobriety and founded A New Way of Life Reentry Project in 1998.

She opened her doors to other women returning home from prisons and jails, offering shelter, safety, leadership, and support to those seeking to rebuild their lives. Dedicating her life to helping other women break the cycle of incarceration, homelessness, addiction and despair, Susan became a recognized leader in the criminal justice reform and reentry rights movements.

Jury Duty for All Citizens

eneralizations are often used as reasons to take actions against certain people. When using generalizations, we usually find ways to distance ourselves from “them” or “those people.” Generalizations lead to stereotypes, which in turn become the basis for discrimination. Our media often shapes what people think, and then contributes to the discrimination. Occasionally, we have so-called scientists offer “evidenced-based” reasons or generalizations which really make them sound valid. In … [Read more...]

Coming October 20-21: A Film Festival Like No Other

Those of us who have been fighting the battle for dignity and justice for a long, long time sometimes forget how powerful we are. We sometimes forget how many of us there are. We can even forget how much heart there is in our movement. That's why we come together from time to time to rally and march. And that's also why in less than a month we will gather in force here in LA at the first-ever film festival to focus exclusively on the struggle against mass incarceration. We are calling it … [Read more...]