Make Your Year-End Gift NOW: We Will Match It 100%

In 2018 Justice Not Jails is hiring a local organizer to expand its main mission of bringing more faith communities to the fight against racism in policing and criminal justice. To give this work an extra boost, the Steering Committee will fully match all year-end contributions made before Dec. 31. This means your tax-deductible gift of $50 actually means $100 for JNJ. Don't wait, make your gift today in any amount. And thanks for your commitment to the shared struggle for justice. … [Read more...]

Justice Not Jails Is GROWING: Your Gift Now Will Be Matched 100%!!

Help Us GROW in 2018: We Will Match Your Year-End Gift! A Special Message From the JNJ Leadership Team You already know part of what we do: for five years Justice Not Jails has brought faith communities to the tables where the real work is done to change the awful story of abusive policing and mass incarceration of people of color. Something you may not know: We also work inside of faith communities to deepen awareness of the toxic combination of racism and bad religion that undergirds the … [Read more...]

A Project Built on Passion Needs Your Love—and Your Support

We hear all the time from Justice Not Jails e-letter readers who tell us how much they value their regular Monday feed of news, views, original interviews, and solid information on every aspect of the struggle against mass incarceration and abusive policing. We know how much this matters to you and to more than 2,000 others like you who are actively committed to the work of justice. Today, for the first time ever, we're asking you to lend a hand to Justice Not Jails with a tax-deductible … [Read more...]