A Dangerous Trend: Immigration Arrests at State Courthouses Are on the Rise

One of the most disturbing trends under the Trump administration is the sharp increase in immigration arrests taking place at state courthouses across the country. There have been increasing numbers of reports that Department of Homeland Security agents are staking out people at courthouses in 2017. A Texas domestic violence survivor was arrested when she went to court to obtain a restraining order, and so were a Michigan father in court to seek custody of his children, a Brooklyn father in … [Read more...]

Immigration Agents Discover New Freedom to Deport Under Trump

In Virginia, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents waited outside a church shelter where undocumented immigrants had gone to stay warm. In Texas and in Colorado, agents went into courthouses, looking for foreigners who had arrived for hearings on other matters. At Kennedy International Airport in New York, passengers arriving after a five-hour flight from San Francisco were asked to show their documents before they were allowed to get off the plane. The Trump administration’s … [Read more...]

Trump Immigration Raids Coming Down Hard

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced that the Department of Homeland Security will be adopting sweeping changes in the enforcement of immigration laws. The announcement was communicated via two memos issued by DHS. More information can be found here. One of the changes authorizes an increase in the number of immigration and border agents by 15,000 - an increase that appears to support the build up of a “deportation force”, one of Donald Trump's campaign promises. One of the major … [Read more...]

Trump’s First Roundup

What we learned from that surge of immigrant arrests In a town near Seattle, immigration agents went to the home of a convicted Mexican drug trafficker. In passing they also picked up his son, who had no criminal record and a legal permit to work in the United States. In El Paso, Texas, agents walked into a county courthouse and detained an immigrant just after she received a protective order as a victim of domestic abuse. And in Alexandria, Virginia, agents stood wait one morning across … [Read more...]