When Jesus Took A Knee

The scenes and statements on the NFL fields during the last couple of weeks have been extraordinarily powerful. Moreover, the responses TO these acts of non-violent protests have been equally intriguing and mind boggling. Especially when there continues to be a tremendous attempt to change the narrative of, and purpose for the reason and right to protest. Don't get it twisted, y'all!! Watch out for the entrapment of shallow and shortsighted patriotism!! Now more then ever, we must STAY WOKE!!! … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: Textbook Racist

ivil rights advocates, social scientists and regular citizens have all called out President Trump as a racist in recent weeks. The president’s supporters have countered with stories about the blacks and Latinos he has hired or befriended, and with personal testimonies: “I’ve known Donald Trump for many years. He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.” As a professor who researches and teaches courses on the health effects of race, racism and inequality, I can assure you that the president’s … [Read more...]

A Rebel, a Warrior and a Race Fiend

Donald Trump is operating the White House as a terror cell of racial grievance in America’s broader culture wars. He has made his allegiances clear: He’s on the side of white supremacists, white nationalists, ethno-racists, Islamophobes and anti-Semites. He is simpatico with that cesspool. And nothing gets his goat quite like racial minorities who stand up for themselves or stand up to him. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was asked about the annual rite of championship teams … [Read more...]

When White Supremacists Ruled Washington

Southerners who rose to federal office after the Civil War achieved something the Confederate Army had not: They seized control of Washington and bent it to their will. The Washington National Cathedral illuminated the era of white supremacist domination this month when it dismantled ornate stained-glass windows that portrayed the Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson as saintly figures. The windows, installed in 1953, contained the Confederate flag and were the handiwork … [Read more...]

Reclaiming My Time: Maxine Waters, the Sabbath, and the High Holy Days

In late July, California Rep. Maxine Waters’ “reclaiming my time” became the rallying cry heard round the world. Manifestos emerged as women and people of color discerned the ways in which time has been historically stolen from them. Memes are now a fact of life; they direct and shape how we consume information. Yet we seldom ask why they become ubiquitous. Some are so sensational they require no explanation for their virality. Others, like Waters’ mantra, invite us to consider a deeper … [Read more...]

The Cheap Prosperity Gospel of Trump and Osteen

Before it began to rain in Houston last week, the spectacularly wealthy pastor Joel Osteen could have opened up his megachurch to serve as a logistics center. He could have announced that evacuees were welcome to take shelter there when Hurricane Harvey landed. Instead he wrote tweets like “God’s got this” and “don’t drift into doubt and fear … stay anchored to hope.” Only a couple of his posts on Twitter offered “prayers.” On Sunday, Mr. Osteen’s church announced that it was inaccessible … [Read more...]

Facing Our Legacy of Lynching

How a memorial could help lead America—and Christians—to repentance from a dark history. In 1902 a black man named Alonzo Tucker was lynched from a bridge in the coastal town of Coos Bay, Oregon, a few hours south of my home. It is the only lynching on record in the state, and the limited known details were enough to catch my throat. Tucker had been accused of assaulting a white woman, and an angry mob had formed to take his life in the streets. He was jailed, partly to protect him from the … [Read more...]

A Long-Term Way to Counter White Nationalists: Electing More Black Women

For progressives looking to take the long view against white nationalists, Oakland organizer Aimee Allison has an idea: help her new organization elect more African American women to office. Even though African American women are the Democratic Party’s most loyal voters — upward of 90 percent regularly back the party’s presidential candidate — none has ever served as a governor and only two have served in the U.S. Senate. Thirty-five states have never had a black woman serve in … [Read more...]

Under Trump, Evangelicals Show Their True Racist Colors

The statistics tell one story: 81% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump. The deafening silence from leaders of the religious right in the wake of the neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville, Va., points to an even larger one, which places racism at the very heart of the movement. On the face of it, evangelical support for Trump is anomalous. How can a movement ostensibly concerned about “family values” support a twice-divorced, thrice-married man who said that his “personal Vietnam” was … [Read more...]

The Other Inconvenient Truth

Donald Trump chose Trump Tower, the place where he began his presidential campaign, as the place to plunge a dagger into his presidency. Trump’s jaw-dropping defense of white supremacists, white nationalists and Nazis in Charlottesville, exposed once more what many of us have been howling into the wind since he emerged as a viable candidate: That he is a bigot, a buffoon and a bully. He has done nothing since his election to disabuse us of this notion and everything to confirm it. Anyone … [Read more...]