FAME Pasadena Presents: Prayer, Prophetic Study and Peaceful Protest for Trayvon Martin

fame pasadenaA Call To Action!

We have talked about it, preached about it, complained about it and talked some more. Today, make the conscience decision to act and join FAME Pasadena on Wednesday at 6pm as we engage the community to collectively raise our voices in peaceful protest and righteous indignation that enough is enough!

In light of the recent injustices from the gutting out of the Voters Rights Act, to the imminent threat of Affirmative Action, to mass incarceration in a prison industrial complex, to unequal economic and wealth disparities and to more recently the acquittal of George Zimmerman who killed an unarmed, innocent, Black boy in Sanford Florida, named Trayvon Martin, on his way back from buying skittles and iced tea, to all other injustices demoralizing our communities, we invite you to join us in demanding justice!

We will no longer be bystanders to the scapegoating and targeting of the poor, black, brown and marginalized brothers and sisters of our local and larger communities.

We will no longer be silent to the criminalization of blackness that has profited dominant society by debilitating the disenfranchised through the construction of a prison industrial complex and mass incarceration.

We will no longer turn our gaze away from the dangers and collateral damage associated with racism and discrimination.

We will no longer pardon ourselves from draconian policy that has perpetuated an ethos of demonizing individuals on the margins of society.

We will no longer excuse gun violence because if in fact George Zimmerman did not have a 9mm semi automatic weapon, Trayvon Martin may very well still be alive.

We will no longer disengage ourselves from standing in solidarity with the least of these.

In the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Therefore the acquittal of George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida should very well be regarded as an injustice that happened in our own backyards. When it is no longer safe for a person to walk to the store in ones own neighborhood because of the color of their skin, then we have not come very far from the antebellum south and the lynching tree, reconstruction and Black Codes, South Africa and Aparthied or Jim Crow South and segregation. The death of Trayvonn Martin is no differerent than the death of Emmett Till and as his death helped to catapult the Civil Rights Movement so must the death of Trayvon Martin catapult a movement of peacful protest, prohetic study, and prayer to speak truth to power in the 21st century.

Please join us as a people of faith and show the strength in numbers as we demand justice for Trayvon Martin and all systemic evils threatening the survival of our communities!

All events will be held at:

First African Methodist Episcopal Church
1700 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, California 91103
(626) 798-0503 Main | (626) 768-7071 Fax

Here is how you can get involved:

Wednesday, July 17th at 6pm – Join us for a Prayer Vigil, Prophetic Study & Peaceful Protest

We will begin the evening with a Bible Study on the Prophet Amos and learn how Amos dealt with the Zimmerman’s of his day and discover how we can become a modern day Amos to speak truth to power through a prophetic response to our current injustices. We will culminate the study with participants writing to elected officials, the Martin family and others as we provide words of challenge and comfort to offer hope for reconciliation amongst a desired beloved community.

Following the Prophetic Bible Study, we will lead a community march for all who are physically able to attned. We invite you to wear your hoodies. If you do not have a hoodie, one will be temporarily provided for the march (limited supplies). With or without a hoodie, we are focused on the symbolism of having a large turnout of protestors – so come in any fashion but most importantly come! As we march the perimeter of our community, we will sing and stop on the four corners of our march to pray. Our goal is to double (even triple) the amount of participants as we pick up marchers along the way. For those who are unable physically to march, you are invited to stay based at the church and stand-in-the-gap through prayer. The larger group will culminate the march by joining those who stayed behind for a prayer vigil.

Sunday, July 21st at 8am and 11am – Join us for Hoodie Sunday

On Sunday, we will join churches around the nation wearing hoodies to worship service to stand in solidarity with the Martin family and protest injustice. America has a dark, deplorable and disgraceful history of racism and there was a time, not long ago, where white hoods symbolized supremacy and subjugation over blacks. It is indeed injustice when white hoods of hatred go legally untried and yet an innocent, unarmed boy with a sweet tooth and a hood in the rain is perceived as “suspicious” and subsequently criminalized for being black in America. The Trayvon Martin tragedy has everything to do with race when blackness is linked to suspicion and further linked to criminality. We, however, have a unique opportunity to reclaim hoods and defy its association with white power and black powerlessness by acting in solidarity with the black, brown, poor and downtrodden across the nation until justice is won for all. Please join us on this Sunday with your hoodie on your head or within your heart and we would love to have you every Sunday thereafter!

Social Action Commission – Become an Ambassador of Faith and Justice

During the aforementioned events, there will be opportunities to join a Social Action Commission that is designed to seek ways people of faith can actively engage justice so that our Church remains relevant in our communities and the experiences of the constituency to which we serve. If the Zimmerman acquittal angers you, if the senseless shooting of an unarmed boy angers you, if driving by and seeing routine and systematic stop-and-frisks of poor, black and brown people angers you, if mass incarceration angers you, if injustice as a whole gets your blood boiling, then we want you! Join us and help us win this war on Justice. Sign up right away because we are moving full throttle with applying pressure to oppressive structures of power.

Other ways you can help:

Email, tweet, share on facebook, post on google+, pintrest, LinkedIn this communication today!

Get on the phone and tell someone to tell someone to not meet you there but to beat you there (especially call Seniors who are not technologically connected)!

Spread the news with a stranger on your commute, standing on line, at your job, school, gym, daily regemin or whom you would simply pass by and invite them to join us!

Leverage your network. If you know of media outlets, organizations to partner with or other allies, please extend an invitation!

Pray! Pray for a spirit-led, orderly and peaceful night of effective Christian witness as we take to our communities to protest injustice!

Lastly, the Pastor, ministerial staff, members and supporters of FAME Pasadena would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your passion, prayers and presence as we stand together for Justice – for indeed united we stand and divided we fall. See you on Wednesday!