Speaking Out For a New Model of Criminal Justice — October 25



Justice Not Jails Presents: “Turning the Page”

Speaking Out and Standing Up for a New Model of Criminal Justice

Saturday, October 25, 2014
2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Holman United Methodist Church – White Hall
3320 W. Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles

With 10 days to go before Election Day, community leaders will gather to speak out on the urgency of making major structural changes that will reduce incarceration rates, restore devastated neighborhoods, and improve public safety. Prop 47 will be front and center. So will the need for LA County to provide much better support to those struggling to re-enter following their incarceration.

First Panel: “A Changing National Conversation?”

Is there a new climate for changing the frame and significantly reducing mass incarceration. Or will toxic racism stills simmering beneath the surface prevent real progress?

Moderator: ACLU of Southern California Executive Director Hector Villagra

Panelists: Congressmembers Karen Bass and Tony Cardenas, and Prof. Kareem Clayton

Second Panel: “High Stakes for California and Los Angeles”

California, once a laggard in pursuing smart justice, is changing quite dramatically by taking action on the school-to-prison pipeline and by passing significant pieces of anti-incarceration legislation. Will Prop 47 be a major game-changer to increase this trend? Can LA solve its realignment implementation problems?

Moderator: Drug Policy Alliance Executive Director Lynne Lyman

Panelists: State Senator Holly Mitchell and Assemblymembers Isidore Hall III, and Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Sr.

Prop 47 Workshop and Rally with the Community Coalition’s Karren Lane

Host Pastor: Rev. Kelvin Sauls


About Peter Laarman

Rev. Peter Laarman serves on the Justice Not Jails steering committee. He formerly directed Progressive Christians Uniting, the LA-based network of activist individuals and congregations that first launched Justice Not Jails in 2012 as a multifaith initiative. He served as the senior minister of New York’s Judson Memorial Church from 1994 to 2004. Ordained in the United Church of Christ, Peter spent 15 years as a labor movement strategist and communications specialist prior to training for ministry.