A Powerful Night Out for Safety & Liberation!

night-601Justice Not Jails thanks all attendees and participating organizations for making last Tuesday’s Night Out a stirring experience. We learned that despair and fatigue run deep but also that there is a dawning awareness that something is drastically wrong about thinking that heavy-handed law enforcement will deliver safety in communities ravaged by lousy schools, crumbling housing, and sky-high joblessness.

We are asking all Night Out Attendees and all Justice Not Jails to take action this week before Sen. Holly Mitchell’s SB 443 comes up for a vote in the Assembly on Thursday. Please write (or better, call) your Assemblymember to urge support. Basic info on SB 443 is here.

The LA Times story elsewhere in this newsletter reports on concessions made to law enforcement, but we still need to work for every vote!

The SoCal Assembly members—all Democrats—who need to feel some heat from the community include:

Sebastian-Ridly Thomas (LA), Mike Gipson (Compton-Carson), Ed Chau (SG Valley), Ian Calderon (Whittier-Norwalk, Roger Hernandez (SG Valley), Jose Medina (Moreno Valley-Riverside), Adrin Nazarian (SF Valley), and Patrick O’Donnell (Long Beach).

You will find a contact button on the home page of their websites. Most websites also show a number for the district office.