Creating Permanent Oversight for the LA Sheriff’s Department

patrisse cullorsHey Justice Not Jails Partners:

As many of you know our Coalition to End Jail Violence was able to link up with Beyond Bars to create a 3-minute video that explains the coalition’s demand for permanent civilian oversight of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

I wanted to know if you could send the video out as a main attraction to your entire network of friends and colleagues. The goal is 10,000 signatures by mid-July. I really need all of your support to make that happen. Please let me know if you can do that. As your partner on Justice Not Jails, I am coming to you for support on this issue. Thanks!

Patrisse Cullors
Coalition to End Jail Violence


  1. Robin Daniels says:

    People in jail are human too, and should not be used for the rich to make money on, and then treated worst than animals.

  2. Daniel Cornelious says:

    Well said.