LA Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission Comes Onboard

Sheriff Civilian Oversight CommissionAfter scandals, a group of civilians ushers in a new era of oversight for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department

Alicia Michel pleaded in front of the audience, asking for an inquiry into a sheriff’s deputy she said was corrupt.

The Compton resident said she didn’t feel comfortable lodging a grievance at her local Los Angeles County sheriff’s station, so instead she spoke into a microphone at a public forum Thursday, hoping her complaint would be heard by those all the way at the top of the department.

“I wish to send it to the County of Los Angeles,” Michel said in Spanish, speaking through an interpreter. “That is why I’m here. I want an in-depth investigation.”

Michel’s brief statement immediately elicited an invitation to file a complaint directly with the county’s inspector general, Max Huntsman, who monitors the Sheriff’s Department and who was sitting just yards away.

Michel was one of dozens of members of the public who spoke up Thursday at the first meeting of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission, a nine-person group appointed by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to examine the Sheriff’s Department and provide recommendations on improving it.

maya lauA long-awaited body — composed of a law professor, two attorneys, an advocacy group director, a former prosecutor, a former public defender, a retired sheriff’s lieutenant, a pastor and a rabbi — the commission is the first all-civilian review board assigned to monitor the agency, one of the largest local law enforcement agencies in the nation….

Maya Lau
Los Angeles Times

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