Stop Jerry Brown’s “More Cages” Bill

jerry brownGov. Jerry Brown announced his plan last week to comply with a federal court order that he limit prison crowding by increasing prison capacity by 8,000 inmates, at a cost of $315 million this year, $400 million next year, and more in years to come.

Help stop this folly!

Call your Assembly members to remind them of the following:

  • Governor Brown’s bill does not commit to any population reduction strategies (expansion of good time credits, elder prisoner parole, expansion of medical parole/compassionate release, and the alternative custody program)
  • The bill shifts people to private facilities with contracts open until the construction of the new prison facilities (in-fill bed projects) costing the state $810 million
  • This construction proposal  and bill will only delay and lead to a lack of commitment to sentencing reform once in-fill bed space is added to CDCR

Find your assembly member and your state senator here.

In talking with Senators, please make sure they will vote AGAINST the Assembly bill. This is crucial! All the Senate Republicans will be voting in favor of it; we need to keep the Democrats firmly in opposition. If your senator is definitely going to oppose the Assembly bill, you can talk with them about the issues with the senate proposal:

  • Three years is too long to delay implementation of the overcrowding lawsuit.
  • It will be very difficult to reduce the prisoner population enough by creating incentives for counties to not send people to prison; we need to also create incentives to CDCR to release people–through earned release good-time credits, elder prisoner parole and expanded medical parole.

We are in a critical time period. Please take the time to make your phone calls today!


  1. Daryl Forman says:

    Never thought to Jerry Brown would exhibit such uncompassionate, hardliner behavior towards young people with black and brown skin. We allow the NRA to keep assault weapons legal, fail to provide appropriate education, nutrition and medical care to our children. When they fail, we blame them for our sins against them and keep them locked up.