Reentry Barriers: Employment and the Technology Divide

Last week, Saturday Night Live ran a skit ridiculing the overuse of hashtags on twitter. If the word “hashtag” means nothing to you, you are not alone. Social media is a fairly new and rapidly evolving online communications medium. Although younger generations have assumed the technology with ease many people who were not raised during the existence of the Internet struggle. Yet, basic Internet and computer skills are increasingly an expected and necessary part of employment. Businesses rely … [Read more...]

Urge Gov. Brown’s Signature on Key Reform Bills

As Brian Goldstein reports, criminal justice reformers were able to win passage of some very important bills, but these pieces still require Gov. Brown's signature in order to become law. Here are three to write the governor about: AB 218 - This bans the "box" that people with felony conviction records must check on many employment forms. The bill applies to governmental agencies - excluding those that serve the very young, the very old, and the handicapped. It still permits background … [Read more...]

California Lawmakers Okay “Ban the Box” Bill

Thursday, the state Senate  approved a bill that converts the state's job application policy regarding felony conviction questions into a law that applies to local government agencies. Assembly Bill 218, authored by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento), now goes to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature or veto and after 40-seat upper chamber passed it with the minimum 21 votes. The bill is part of a growing movement called "ban the box" that seeks to eliminate the check-box … [Read more...]