Community Members In Running for LASD Oversight!

he hot topic right now among the working group deciding the civilian oversight commission’s size, scope, and responsibilities is COMPOSITION. How many people will serve on the commission and who will they be? Three years ago when the Coalition to End Sheriff Violence started the conversation of civilian oversight we emphasized two things: That the commission be made of community members who have been impacted by sheriff violence and that there be no law enforcement serving on the … [Read more...]

Subpoena Power for Sheriff Civilian Oversight Panel?

There’s a sharp debate underway over whether a new civilian oversight panel should have subpoena power over the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. One key figure believes such power is necessary to give the panel teeth. “Its certainly a club should you ever need it,” said Dean Hansell, who chairs the working group which is designing the new oversight panel. ubpoena power would give the panel the ability to force reluctant Sheriff’s officials to testify before it and to obtain certain … [Read more...]

Civilian Oversight Community Convening

THIS THURSDAY we are hosting an evening of education and action in the campaign for effective CIVILIAN OVERSIGHT of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Why is civilian oversight important? What are our 5 non-negotiables and why are they important? Why do we need to change county charter and how do we do it? What laws do we have to change to weaken the protection law enforcement has? How do we put pressure on the working group and the county supervisors? This … [Read more...]

Time to Reinvent the Police

The astoundingly crude and arrogant response of NYPD rank and file to the tragic murder of two officers by an unstable young man last month (read the fascinating story by Kim Barker, Mosi Secret and Richard Fausset in the New York Times on the man who killed the officers) raises an interesting question: do we really need the police? ngry at Mayor Bill DeBlasio for winning an election on reforming police practices, and speaking honestly about how people of color feel about the police in the … [Read more...]

Bankgrounder: Civilian Oversight of the LA County Sheriff’s Department!!

ivilian Oversight is Item 57-A on the agenda, set for consideration at 11 a.m. The language is simple: Approve the creation of a civilian oversight commission for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department; direct the Executive Officer to report back in 90 days with recommendations as to how the commission could be structured after seeking input from Board offices, to include operational options regarding the integration of the Office of Inspector General with the commission, as well as … [Read more...]

Sheriff’s Candidates, Current Brass Disagree Over Civilian Oversight

ith the L.A. Board of Supervisors poised to debate creating a civilian oversight commission later this month, sheriff's candidate Jim McDonnell weighed into the debate. "You look at what a panel could potentially bring, you look at LAPD and departments around the country," McDonnell, the current Long Beach Police Chief said Friday. "It does truly hold the department and department leadership more accountable for what's done, not only in the big sense of long term but also on a day-to-day … [Read more...]

Sheriff’s Candidate Jim McDonnell Backs Civilian Oversight

im McDonnell, the front-runner to become the next Los Angeles County sheriff, expressed strong support Thursday for a civilian oversight commission as well as "full access" to internal records for the Sheriff Department's inspector general. McDonnell appears to favor more transparency than Interim Sheriff John Scott, who argues that the department should have an attorney-client relationship with the inspector general to shield sensitive information from the public. Scott also has expressed … [Read more...]

Missing the Point on Civilian Oversight

Sheriff and Inspector General Dodge Key Issues in Asking for More Time uesday the LA County Board of Supervisors will formally receive a letter from the current (interim) sheriff and from Inspector General Max Huntsman that is a classic exercise in evasion. To begin with, the very creation of the Office of Inspector General was supposed to be a step toward more independent monitoring of the scandal-ridden Sheriff’s Department ; it thus is profoundly depressing and even disgraceful to see the … [Read more...]

A Call to Bear Witness on August 5: Civilian Oversight

es, there will be a new LA County Sheriff in January. But an election by itself will not ensure that this vast Department—a small army, with 18,000 officers and the country’s largest jail system under its control—will finally change its ways and treat all residents and all inmates with respect and dignity. LASD’s dismal history of abusive practices is too well-known to require comment; the outrageous conduct of officers in the jails routinely make national news, but so does the racist conduct … [Read more...]

LA Sheriff’s Department: Coalition Asks “What Would Mandela Do?”

n the wake of Nelson Mandela’s passing, the Coalition to End Sheriff Violence will be holding a press conference outside of the County Board of Supervisors meeting, urging them to speak out and speak up against the continuing human rights abuses by the Sheriff’s Department and establish a permanent citizens oversight commission. This press conference will take place at 500 W Temple street, at 9:30am. Speakers will include concerned community members, survivors of abuse inside LA Jails, and … [Read more...]