California Moving Away From State Youth Facilities

A new interactive graphic provides a county-by-county look at California’s shift away from juvenile confinement at state institutions to community-based programs. The graphic, created by the non-profit Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice’s California Sentencing Institute, allows readers to examine the rates, costs and other factors related to juvenile confinement for each individual California county. In addition, the graphic provides filters such as gender, race and offense, and … [Read more...]

Brown’s Revised Budget Discriminates Against Mentally Ill

April was a grim month for legislators hoping to chip away at Realignment, as some 20 bills proposing to do so died in committee. Last week, however, one such bill saw hope for new life. Gov. Brown’s revised budget, released May 14, revived a bill requiring that certain people with mental illness be supervised by state parole, rather than county probation, regardless of their current offense or mental health status. The bill stigmatizes people who have suffered from mental illness by shackling … [Read more...]

How Prosecutors Can Lead on Public Safety

From the Capitol to the courtrooms, prosecutors can chart a new path on public safety in California by championing at both local and state levels one of the biggest ways we can transform our justice system in this generation--sentencing reform. Right now, the U.S. puts more people in prison and jails than does any other nation in the world. The costs associated with incarceration are staggering. California alone spends more than $9 billion per year on prisons. Despite all of these … [Read more...]