LA County Tiptoes Forward on Bail Reform

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors should give quick approval Wednesday to a proposal by Supervisor Sheila Kuehl to consider overhauling the county’s money bail system. Too bad it’s the only thing about this vital effort that could be done with any urgency. It should be obvious that it’s long past time to reconsider a system that keeps L.A. County jails crowded with people who are just cooling their heels awaiting trial because they can’t afford to pay bail, while their riskier but … [Read more...]

Metro Approves $646M Annual Multi-Agency Transit Policing Contract

At last Thursday’s meeting, the Metro board approved a new five-year multi-agency transit policing contract. For the past decade, transit policing had been done by the L.A. County Sheriff Department (LASD.) Under the new contract transit policing will be done by LAPD, LASD, and Long Beach Police Department. When the proposal first came to the board in November-December 2016, it was $547 million annually: L.A. Police Department – $370 million – 68 percent L.A. County Sheriffs … [Read more...]

After the Tanaka Verdict

The conviction of former Los Angeles County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka on Wednesday for corruption of justice is not only an important milestone in the process of reforming the nation’s largest sheriff’s department, but a significant step towards the reform of American policing in general. While prosecutors are notoriously slow to bring charges against police officers—and juries are equally reluctant to convict those few officers who are charged with crimes—the case of the scandal-ridden L.A. … [Read more...]

Los Angeles County Sheriff Convicted

  This week, a federal jury convicted former Los Angeles County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka of conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges. Tanaka’s conviction and former Sheriff Lee Baca’s recent guilty plea are remarkable developments given the department’s long and troubled history of violence and impunity. But the convictions are only a first step. The problems that have long plagued the jails are not isolated to one individual or an isolated incident of obstruction of justice. … [Read more...]

Six Years Later Mitrice Richardson’s Death Still An Unsolved Mystery

efore Black Lives Matter became a movement, before there was daily around the clock scrutiny of the police on the evening news and before videos showcasing police brutality on African-Americans came a dime a dozen–her life mattered. It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since the disappearance of Mitrice Richardson and five years since her decomposing naked corpse was found in a Malibu ravine. By now you should know the story. 24-year-old Mitrice Richardson found herself at … [Read more...]

Consultant’s Report Clashes with Calls for Smaller Men’s Central Jail

A consultant hired by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has determined that the new Men's Central Jail should contain about 5,000 beds — roughly the same number as a plan that the board voted to put on hold last month. Three supervisors, including newly elected Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis, want to reexamine the size of the proposed new jail, which they believe could be reduced if more inmates, particularly those with mental illness, are placed in treatment programs in the … [Read more...]

LA’s Top Cops Show Their True Colors: Not Pretty

“It should be clear to everyone that the LAPD and the criminal justice system will hold officers accountable for their actions when they operate outside the law​.​”—LAPD's Charlie Beck, commenting on the sentencing of former officer Mary O'Callaghan ’ve never bought into the notion that the while rest of the ​nation still has to suffer with abusive police practices and ​with recalcitrant, uninspired police leaders, sunny Los Angeles has been singularly blessed by enlightened law enforcement … [Read more...]

On Tuesday, Stand Up for Effective Oversight of LASD

The long organizing effort by anti-brutality activists hits a milestone tomorrow when the working group on civilian oversight of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department presents its report to the Board of Supervisors. Justice Not Jails asks everyone who supports an effective and independent oversight body to show up and be prepared to comment at the meeting, which starts at 9:30 at 500 W. Temple Streets in downtown LA (usually the first hour of the Supervisors' meeting is filled with … [Read more...]

Give L.A. Sheriff Some Civilian Help

Among the many reforms put in place by the federal consent decree that governed the Los Angeles Police Department for the decade that followed the Rampart corruption scandal was the creation of a new position, reporting exclusively to the chief, to advise him on how to ensure that police work was performed constitutionally. The two people who have filled that post are attorneys with strong expertise in criminal justice and constitutional rights, and they have been well placed to help the chief … [Read more...]

Subpoena Power for Sheriff Civilian Oversight Panel?

There’s a sharp debate underway over whether a new civilian oversight panel should have subpoena power over the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. One key figure believes such power is necessary to give the panel teeth. “Its certainly a club should you ever need it,” said Dean Hansell, who chairs the working group which is designing the new oversight panel. ubpoena power would give the panel the ability to force reluctant Sheriff’s officials to testify before it and to obtain certain … [Read more...]