On Tuesday, Stand Up for Effective Oversight of LASD

The long organizing effort by anti-brutality activists hits a milestone tomorrow when the working group on civilian oversight of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department presents its report to the Board of Supervisors. Justice Not Jails asks everyone who supports an effective and independent oversight body to show up and be prepared to comment at the meeting, which starts at 9:30 at 500 W. Temple Streets in downtown LA (usually the first hour of the Supervisors' meeting is filled with … [Read more...]

Give L.A. Sheriff Some Civilian Help

Among the many reforms put in place by the federal consent decree that governed the Los Angeles Police Department for the decade that followed the Rampart corruption scandal was the creation of a new position, reporting exclusively to the chief, to advise him on how to ensure that police work was performed constitutionally. The two people who have filled that post are attorneys with strong expertise in criminal justice and constitutional rights, and they have been well placed to help the chief … [Read more...]

Subpoena Power for Sheriff Civilian Oversight Panel?

There’s a sharp debate underway over whether a new civilian oversight panel should have subpoena power over the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. One key figure believes such power is necessary to give the panel teeth. “Its certainly a club should you ever need it,” said Dean Hansell, who chairs the working group which is designing the new oversight panel. ubpoena power would give the panel the ability to force reluctant Sheriff’s officials to testify before it and to obtain certain … [Read more...]