More Prisons Town Hall — Tuesday, 10 September

Spread the word and attend an important Virtual Town Hall next Tuesday, September 10th at 6:30pm at Homeboy Industries to address the state's current proposals to address the prison overcrowding issue. Using new technology that allows elected officials to connect with and share information online with constituents, California legislators will have an opportunity to engage their constituents in a dialogue about prison crowding and the state's criminal justice approaches and priorities. Using a … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Free Our Sisters Forum: Saturday, 14 September

Los Angeles Free Our Sisters Forum to be Held by LA No More Jails Coalition FREE OUR SISTERS! Community Solutions Not Jail Construction Saturday, September 14, 2013 - 2 pm Art Share L.A. 801 E 4th Place Los Angeles, CA 90013 CURB, Critical Resistance and LA No More Jails will hold a community event this Saturday, September 14, 2013 from 2-5 pm. Free Our Sisters, an event to inform the community about the unfair and unjust practices in California prisons, presents several remarks … [Read more...]

Clergy: Join in Urging LA County Supervisors to Fund Mental Health Options, Not More Cages

Clergy: Contact Rev. Peter Laarman if you would like to add your name to this urgent request from the ACLU: August 19, 2013 The Honorable Mike Antonovich Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors 500 W Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 Dear Supervisor Antonovich, We are well aware of, and appreciate, your longstanding efforts to figure out effective and humane ways to help people with mental illness in Los Angeles County, many of whom are also homeless and … [Read more...]

Justice on Trial Film Festival: First-Ever Criminal Justice Film Festival Rides Wave of Reform

Los Angeles will be the site of the first-ever annual film festival devoted exclusively to films exposing grave defects in the American criminal justice system. The festival arrives at a time of tremendous national ferment and momentum for progressive change.  The U.S. Attorney General is calling for a new look at sentencing practices and California is undertaking the broad implementation of public safety realignment.  Even more moderate elements of the conservative political community are … [Read more...]

California’s Prison Mess

Under a 4-year-old order to reduce the state's prison population, Gov. Jerry Brown is preparing, finally, to file a plan with the court outlining how he and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation intend to comply. They have been dragging their feet long enough — and in fact are continuing to do so. They lost their request last week to block the order and are now pressing an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to get out from under a Dec. 31 deadline. The longer they wait, the … [Read more...]

Crimes of Police Documentary — July 17th

  Crimes of Police: Los Angeles Screening. Wednesday, 17 July, Bethel AME Church, 7900 So. Western Avenue, Los Angeles. More info: 310.925.2071 and facebook/crimesofpolice. … [Read more...]

LA Voters Opt to Regulate Medical Marijuana

This past Tuesday, the citizens of Los Angeles voted to regulate medical marijuana by voting to pass Proposition D, one of three medical marijuana regulation measures on the ballot. The Proposition received 62.57% of the vote. Proposition D caps the number of collectives at those who opened prior to 2007, about 130, raises the gross receipts tax from $50 to $60 per $1000 of gross receipts, and establishes the distances they must keep from schools, parks, one another and residential … [Read more...]

Sacramento Advances Bill to Review Sentences Imposed on Children

Traveling to Sacramento to do legislative visits has never been something that I enjoy doing. To put it lightly, politics is not my cup of tea. However, I consider it a necessity to engage in this process if we hope to affect extreme sentencing laws that destroy lives and communities. Yesterday was an exception to my typical aversion.  A couple of advocacy colleagues and I were blessed to travel to Sacramento with five of the best human beings who manifest the transformation of darkness to … [Read more...]

Los Angeles School Board Cracks Down on Suspensions for Minor Infractions

Amid a deepening debate over appropriate school discipline, board members of the nation's second largest school district — Los Angeles Unified — took bold steps last week sure to be noticed nationally. They voted to prohibit out-of-school suspensions of students based on "willful defiance,” a vague label, critics say, that’s become far too handy a vehicle for ejecting students rather than helping them settle down and improve academic performance. The board members also voted to implement a … [Read more...]

Softer California three-strikes law would save on older inmates

(Reuters) - A ballot measure aimed at California's infamous "three strikes" sentencing law may be an opportunity for the state to put a dent in one problem besetting prison officials across the country: the high cost of aging inmates. Under three strikes, a person convicted of a felony in California who has two or more prior convictions for certain offenses must be sentenced to at least 25-years-to-life in state prison, even if the third offense is nonviolent. The American Civil Liberties … [Read more...]