Justice on Trial Film Festival: First-Ever Criminal Justice Film Festival Rides Wave of Reform

Los Angeles will be the site of the first-ever annual film festival devoted exclusively to films exposing grave defects in the American criminal justice system. The festival arrives at a time of tremendous national ferment and momentum for progressive change.  The U.S. Attorney General is calling for a new look at sentencing practices and California is undertaking the broad implementation of public safety realignment.  Even more moderate elements of the conservative political community are … [Read more...]

From “Why Police Lie Under Oath,” NYT Op Ed article by Michelle Alexander. Published Feb. 3, 2013.

 "The natural tendency to lie makes quota systems and financial incentives that reward the police for the sheer numbers of people stopped, frisked, or arrested especially dangerous. One lie can destroy a life, resulting in the loss of employment, a prison term and relegation to permanent second-class status. The fact that our legal system has become so tolerant of police lying indicates how corrupted our criminal justice system has become by declarations of war, "get tough" mantras, and a … [Read more...]