Trump’s First Year Has Been the Private Prison Industry’s Best

The Trump administration has been a godsend for the private prison industry xactly 17 months ago, in August of 2016 -- back when most election polls had Hillary Clinton clinching the 2016 presidential election -- the Obama administration announced that it would end the Justice Department’s (DOJ) reliance on private prisons. The announcement came seven days after the DOJ’s inspector general (IG) called on the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to more rigorously oversee its contracts with private … [Read more...]

Both Red and Blue States Rely on Prison Labor

Earlier this month, Steve Prator, who heads the sheriff’s office in Caddo Parrish, one of the largest in Louisiana, held a press conference in which he bemoaned the state’s newly passed prison reforms, which could reduce the inmate population by as much as 10 percent by gradually releasing nonviolent offenders who would be eligible for a new early-release program. Why? Apparently, he didn’t want the parish to lose its captive labor pool. “That’s the ones you can work,” Prator said of the … [Read more...]

Private Companies Profit from Almost Every Function of America’s Criminal Justice System

Today, private companies hold contracts that allow them to profit from all corners of America’s criminal justice system. Consequently, many people charged with crimes are exposed to the profit-seeking of companies every step of the way, from entering the system to being released. These graphics depict the possible paths of people charged with different offenses, revealing the various privatized services provided by the corrections industry. Click to download each path separately … [Read more...]

Misdirected Juvenile Justice Consensus Creates Backwards Policy

California has experienced a huge decrease in juvenile crime. Over the last 35 years,arrests of youth ages 15-17 fell from 195,300 to 64,500, arrests of ages 12-14 fell from 77,500 to 21,200, and arrests of youth under 12 fell from 14,000 to 1,200 (see figure below). When changes in population are factored in, rates of arrest fell by 73 percentamong high schoolers, 79 percent among middle-schoolers, and 94 percent among grade schoolers. These massive declines suggest revolutionary changes … [Read more...]

Five Corporations Making Millions from Mass Incarceration

In addition to well-known prison profiteers Corrections Corporation of America and The GEO Group, many other companies also benefit from epidemic prison and jail building. View image | ikely the most well-known prison profiteers in the United States are the Corrections Corporation of America and The GEO Group. Between them, these two firms pulled in about $3.3 billion last year running scores of private prisons and immigration detention centers. However, these two … [Read more...]

Prison Secretary Seeks Delay in Inmate Court Order

alifornia will have no choice but to move 4,000 more inmates to private prisons in other states if federal judges refuse to postpone a court-ordered population cap, state Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard said Wednesday. The state faces an April 18 deadline to reduce overcrowding in its 33 adult prisons. The judges have found reducing overcrowding to be the key step in improving inmate medical and mental health care, but Gov. Jerry Brown is seeking a three-year delay. Brown's budget … [Read more...]

California Ships Prisoners Out of State to “Reduce” Its Prison Population

anielle Rigney’s son was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison when he was 19. He spent two years imprisoned in California. Each weekend, family members or friends drove four hours to visit him. “He got to see his sisters growing up; he got to keep up with their lives,” she said. “We constantly talked about the future.” In addition to weekly visits, Rigney’s son also had a job in the prison and was on the waiting list for college classes and a technical training course. In July, … [Read more...]

Housing Prisoners from Other States: A $320 Million a Year Industry

Private prison operators are making more than $300 million a year just to house inmates shipped out of their home states, according to a new report from the progressive group Grassroots Leadership. At least four states—California, Vermont, Idaho and Hawaii—have exported a combined 10,500 prisoners to other states, where they’re being held in facilities operated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the nation’s largest private prison company. “The practice of shipping prisoners out … [Read more...]

Private Prison Quotas Drive Mass Incarceration, Deter Reform

Most of the private prison contracts in America require states to keep at least 90% of prison beds filled or pay a penalty to private, for-profit corporations. Advocacy group In the Public Interest obtained and analyzed 62 contracts between states and local jurisdictions and private prison companies that govern the operation of 77 county and state-level facilities. Sixty-five percent contained occupancy requirements between 80 and 100%, with many around 90%. Arizona (100%), Louisiana (96%), … [Read more...]