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The Myth That Crime Rises as Prisons Shrink

Speaking on the subject of downsizing prison populations recently, criminologist Joan Petersilia distinguished between symbolic speechmaking, which is easy, and actual reform, which she called "about … [Read More...]

With National Prison Strike Over: Prisoners Now Are Most in Danger

Over the last few weeks men and women across the United States – and even as far away as Nova Scotia, Canada – have protested to demand humane treatment for the incarcerated. In 2016, when … [Read More...]

A One-Sided Sheriff’s Debate

aturday morning the stage was set for a toe-to-toe battle between two men running to be the next Los Angeles County Sheriff, arguably the most powerful political position in Los Angeles. Organized … [Read More...]

How Immigration Activists Got ICE Out of a County Jail

ICE contended that forcing Contra Costa County to divest from cooperation in immigrant detention would harm the detainees — an argument similar to those heard during the fight for divestment from … [Read More...]

Replacing One Bad Bail System With Another

Bail reform is hot. From New Jersey to California, and Rand Paul to Bernie Sanders, there is widespread agreement that the cash bail system is broken. It privileges people with money, allowing them to … [Read More...]

Increasing Police Transparency

California Legislature passes major police transparency measures on internal investigations and body cameras Endorsing a dramatic departure from decades of secrecy surrounding policing in the state, … [Read More...]

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