About Dan Morian

Dan Morain is Senior Editor and columnist for the Sacramento Bee; former reporter for the Los Angeles Times, based in Sacramento, California.

Three-Strikes Changes Appear to Be Working

While Justice Not Jails celebrates the reality that Dan Morain reports–i.e. the very low recidivism rate among the released Striker population–we also point out that the releases have proceeded very slowly. Too slowly. And in LA County community advocates have had to scramble to find free beds and services for the returnees because the county […]

Crime Is Good for Business

Crime can be good for business. After spending his first two and half years in office reducing prison spending, Gov. Jerry Brown announced his plan last week to comply with a federal court order that he limit prison crowding by increasing prison capacity by 8,000 inmates, at a cost of $315 million this year, $400 […]